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in 2008, ofilm started mass production of thin film resistive touch modules. in 2010, nanchang ofilm tech co., ltd. was established as the r&d and production base in nanchang, and began to change the layout from resistive touch panel to thin-film capacitive touch panel. by 2011, ofilm had completed the product conversion to capacitive touch panel.

since 2013, ofilm has become the largest thin-film touch panel supplier, and the average monthly shipments reached 25kk, ranking the first in the world. facing the vast market space of flexible touch panel, ofilm has been continuously laying out new technologies in the touch panel industry. in terms of flexible touch panel, ofilm has possessed two technical routes of metal mesh and agnw (ag nanometer wire), and has obtained a number of relevant patents.

metal mesh technology, which is independently developed by ofilm, won the 16th china patent gold medal. since then, many new technologies such as floating touch and 3d touch have been developed, and fixed bending flexible tp solution, repeated- folded flexible tp solution, and full-screen tp&lcm integration solution, etc. were developed successfully. on the basis of these technologies, ofilm continues to expand mobile phone, tablet, pc, smart wearables, automotive electronics, industrial control and other application areas, enriching users’ experience.

in sept. 2016, nanchang ofilm display tech co., ltd.(magic work bu), a subsidiary company of ofilm group, was established to enter the non-android tp industry, which mainly producing touch panel and related products for major customers in the united states. the company is engaged in the production of new ito film coating and touch sensor, and the combination of cgs modules, which has the advantages of high transmittance, ultra-narrow bezel, flexible and foldable compared with the traditional touch sensor.

in nov. 2019, ofilm's tp&lcm business on android smartphones has introduced capital and achieved independent development. in the future, ofilm will insist on continuous innovation, and strive to become a world-renowned touch screen manufacturer.



in 2008, entered the resistive touch panel market.

in 2010, the shipment of resistive touch panel reached no.1 in china, and the same year it switched to capacitive touch panel market.

in 2011, the domestic first rtr full-automated sensor production line and rtr flexible ito coating production line were put into mass production.

in 2012, successfully developed and mass-produced (in 2013) 3.5um-line-width metal mesh sensor.

in 2013, the shipment of film capacitive touch panel ranked no.1 in the world, with an average monthly shipment of 20kk.

in 2014, the metal mesh technology developed by ofilm independently won the 16th china patent gold award (the first in the industry and the first enterprise in jiangxi province to receive this award).

in 2015, successfully developed the super hover touch panel to achieve non-contact touch; successfully developed a touch module with force touch to achieve 3d touch; developed ifs technology integrated touch panel and fingerprint recognition module.

in 2016, developed fixed bending flexible tp solution and repeated- folded flexible tp solution; full-screen touch panel solution with high screen ratio was developed in 2017; waterdrop screen solution was developed in 2018; transparent antenna and integration of antenna and touch display was developed in 2019.

in sept. 2016, magic work bu was established and certified by customers, and start to develop products for major us customers.

in june 2017, the first pad project successfully passed mass production certification and shipped, marking that ofilm was officially entered the us major customer supply chain system.

in q3 2017, began to develop thin film coating, which was mass produced in q1 2018.

in q4 2017, began to develop phone project officially, which was mass produced in 2018.

in 2019, ofilm's tp&lcm business on android smartphones has introduced capital and achieved independent development.

future planning

mobile phones with full screens and flexible oled displays have become a trend, and the capacity of thin-film touch sensors equipped with oled displays will be released.

the development of foldable flexible touch technology and the application of related upstream materials have become mainstream.

on the basis of the whole industry chain integrated ito coating, sensor and cgs modules, ofilm provides customers with one-stop procurement service.


tf is a material manufacturing process. the mass production of the new flexible ito film breaks the monopoly of japanese manufacturers, provides customers with a safe and reliable supply chain and one-stop service, which greatly improves its competitiveness.


using the worldwide leading fully-automated roll-to-roll production line, ofilm produces flexible touch sensor products such as force touch, phone, pad.


ofilm's bonding production line has the leading automatic production equipment, including automatic dispensing, automatic bonding, automatic uv, automatic hot pressing, aoi automatic detection, etc. it invests heavily in the r&d of bonding technology and is in the leading position in the industry.

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