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smart vehicle

in 2015, shanghai ofilm intelligent association tech co., ltd. (ofilm smart car bu) was established as a subsidiary company of ofilm group, which focuses on the r&d and manufacturing in fields of automotive electronics, intelligent driving, intelligent central control and connected-cars etc. it is dedicated to provide solutions to the challenges and pressure of customers’ concern and constantly creating maximum value for the clients through its cutting-edge ability of engineering development and excellent product quality and services.

since 2015, the company has progressively set up r&d centers in detroit, silicon valley of us and munich of germany. in july 2016, it successfully acquired shanghai cetc-motor co., ltd. and nanjing tianqing automotive electronics co., ltd. this paved firm foundation for accelerating absorption of cutting-edge technologies of automotive electronics, facilitated integration of excellent resources and talents around the world and helped upgrading the innovative products.

basing on our leading product r&d, manufacturing, quality management and services, ofilm has established long-term partnerships with major car manufacturers such as saic, baihc, gagc, gm, jac, sgmw and so on, while aiming at making further progress towards the globalization.

in the upcoming years, with a combination of self-production and acquisition, ofilm smart car bu will be centered on ‘green and environment-friendly’, ‘safe’ and ‘intelligent’ to expand its business, forge itself into the world-class vehicle electronic brand with international competitiveness by merging into the global vehicle industrial chain, and become the core provider of intelligent products trusted by vehicle manufacturers and end users in the world.

automotive electronics

entering into the field of automotive electronics, ofilm intended to expand the layout of new products through an extensive expansion. integrating the original core technologies and products in the field of tp, ccm and fpm, ofilm further improves the business ecology and achieve collaborative development. finally, a set of cost-effective automobile intelligent system solution will be formed, and it will become the core supplier of automobile intelligence and a competitive international first-class brand.

automobile electronics is the executor of intellectualization, bus-technology is the key foundation of automobile interconnection communication. the company has a mature mass production platform with five mature product lines, mastering intelligent control algorithm of car security, car doors, windows control, automative lighting, seats.

our products cover more than 20 whole vehicle factories and more than 70 car types. meanwhile, we have carried out cooperation and technology accumulation in the fields of smart sensors, energy conservation and emission reduction, and car networking, entering the period of high-speed development.

intelligent control

intelligent central control ivi information and entertainment system is an important connection point for the interaction between cars and people. the company set up a team that combines professional instrumentation and infotainment, and created the first domestic high-end three-screen interactive intelligent cockpit and the first domestic digital intelligent instrument, which not only meet the requirements of automotive safety reliability, but also involve in functions and experience of the entertainment and information networking.


intelligent driving

"intelligent car" is to add advanced sensors (radar, camera), control algorithms, actuators and other devices on the basis of ordinary cars, and combine high-precision maps and intelligent traffic information, which makes cars have real-time environment awareness, algorithm judgment and autonomous driving.

the company has made an overall layout in the field of intelligent driving, focusing on "the last mile of autonomous driving", forming the strongest image algorithm and product team. relying on its absolute advantage in the field of cameras, it deployed sensors (camera, radar), controllers (high-definition panoramic surround view system, adas), automatic parking systems, etc. at present, more than ten automotive camera products have been developed. on the basis of the highest level of camera production lines in the world and the most advanced full hd intelligent 360-degree surround view system, integrated with intelligent algorithms such as lane departure, moving object recognition, and blind spot detection, combined with radar technology, ofilm  achieves intelligent driving experiences such as parking assistance, automatic parking, and low-speed following, and provide a one-stop solution for car intelligent driving for oems.


in the field of automotive internet , ofilm focuses on the combination of mobile phones and cars. relying on bus-technology and wireless interconnection technology, ofilm enters into the automotive industry with its own products in various areas of the car, and builds a pipeline between the car and cloud platforms, and builds a car ecology and big data platform, providing users with the best driving experience.

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