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optical lens

in dec. 2017, nanchang ofilm precision optical products co., ltd. was established as a subsidiary company of ofilm group, marking that ofilm group began to enter the optical lens industry. optical lens is an essential component in the machine vision system, which directly affects the imaging quality, the implementation and effect of algorithm. on the basis of its own superior products, ofilm firmly extends to the upstream of the industrial chain, further develops the r&d and manufacturing strength of optical components, strengthens the ability of vertical integration, and improves the product cost control and the comprehensive strength of market competition.

in dec. 2018, fujifilm (tianjin) was acquired by ofilm, with more than 1,000 lens patents transferred from fujifilm to ofilm, which further deepened the r&d and manufacturing strength of optical lens, and comprehensively strengthened its vertical integration ability. after the acquisition, fujifilm (tianjin) was renamed as tianjin ofilm opto electronics co., ltd., which locates at tianjin xiqing economic development zone, covering an area of 72 mu including the plant building area of 34,000 square meters. tianjin ofilm, mainly focused on automotive lens, produces a wide range of optical products, optical equipment, plastic and metal parts, most of which are sold to japan.

in the future, the company will maintain active communication with the upstream and downstream of the industry chain, and continue to strengthen the r&d of new products and technologies to promote its further development.


in 2017, ofilm began the business of optical lens.

in 2018, ofilm completed lens certification for certain customers and realized batch delivery.

in dec. 2018, ofilm acquired fujifilm (tianjin) with more than 1,000 lens patents transferred from fujifilm to ofilm, which strengthens the patent layout in lens field.

in  2019, lens revenue of ofilm has reached 685 million, and the annual  shipment is about 142kk.


core patents of ofilm cover major lens products from 3p to 8p, featuring in strong efficiency, wide scope and global layout.

the number of lens patents ranks among the top three in the world with a total of 844 lens patents, among which 18 patents are for 2p lens,98 patents for 3p lens, 220 patents for 4p lens, 252 patents for 5p lens, 198 patents for 6p lens, 34 patents for 7p lens, 24 patents for 8p lens.

the number of authorized patents of vehicle lens is 201, ranking no. 1 and far higher than other manufacturers.

core competitiveness and development planning

to provide one-stop service for optical products with the best quality.

to provide production of ultra-precision lens modules such as aspheric plastic lens and aspheric glass lens, and to realize production and operation of fully automated assembly / inspection project.

product type

automotive lens / infrared lens / glass lens / plastic lens / monitor lens / projector lens / reproducer lens / machined products

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