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postdoctoral recruitment
disciplines of the research:

1. microelectronic technology

2. sensor technology

3. optics

4. radio frequency communication

5. functional materials of electronic information

6. semiconductor packaging process

recommended subjects:

1. research on optical sensor technology

2. research on optical waveguide technology

3. image and face recognition algorithms

4. ai

5. research on virtual reality and subwavelength optics

6. research on the energy transmission of magnetic coupling resonance radio

7. research on touch feedback technology

8. research on screen sound technology

recruitment plan

on-the-job post doctor candidates of 4-6.


1. have obtained a doctorate or be bound to have access to a doctorate home or abroad.

2. under the age of 40, with good performance in both conduct and learning and being healthy

3. skilled in r&d and have a sense of devotion.

4. meet all the requirements of being engaged in the post-doctoral research in the mentioned station (nanchang).

application procedures:

1. the documents required above shall be mailed to nanchang ofilm tech co., ltd post doctorate workstation;

2. applicants’ condition will be reviewed by the staff of the workstation

3. after determined, the applicants qualified will be reviewed and registered by relevant management department.

4. applicants will be granted through written notice after approved by the relevant management department.

5. the approved applicants shall go through the formalities within the time and date specified by the workstation if no special circumstances occur, provided that the applicants will be withdrawal from the workstation if not being able to enroll on time.

6. in accordance with the principle of “open recruitment and selecting the better qualified”, the workstation drafts post-doctorate candidates in an open, fair and just fashion.

application materials:

1. personal detailed cv (attachments for the married applicants: cv of the spouse, information of the children etc. ), health statement, valid copy of id card, certificates of degrees and qualifications of all types; reasons for application, research goal, degrees, working experiences and highlight research results are requested to be stated, with detailed contact information attached hereto.

2. application form for post-doctors in in sextuplicate issued by china

3. doctorate degree certificate in sextuplicate, and for fresh graduates, a thesis defense statement shall be better.

4. recommendation letter in sextuplicate written and signed by at least two doctoral supervisors within the discipline engaged or experts’ equivalent.

5. doctorate thesis and two essays representing academic study or others equivalents.

6. people's republic of china foreign embassies and post office (group) recommended advice or returnee statement is required for the doctors returning from overseas.

7. for commissioned educated or directed educated doctors, and on-the-duty armymen, statements of study as a postdoctor approved by the related unit are required and definite advices on work allocation after graduating from the workstation are also requested.

8. drafted subject of study and design on the subject (around 3000 chinese characters) are requested.

9. 3 recent bareheaded photos of 2 inches.

contact information:

mailing address: ofilm , no.698 tianxiang avenue, nanchang high-tech zone, jiangxi province

name of the unit: ofilm human resources department

postcode: 330100

tel: 0791-87193886-616040


1. during the serving time in ofilm, the post-doctorate researchers enjoy competitive salaries and treatment, and allowance for the post-doctors and annual bonus are provided according to the actual results of research.

2. two-bedroom housing will be supplied for the post-doctorate researchers. necessary furniture and living supplies are also equipped.

3. the workstation assists in the application for post-doctoral treatment in nanchang.

4. appropriate office and study conditions will be ensured by the workstation for the post-doctors.

5. if circulating with the researchers of the workstation, the related spouses will be arranged with proper jobs and school and kindergarten enrollment issues of their children will be coordinated by the workstation.

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