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ofilm statement of principles

headquartered in china, ofilm is an international company to its core. our customers, partners, shareholders and most importantly our employees come from all regions and nationalities across china and the world. we are an inclusive, diverse and collaborative employer, committed to the highest global standards of social responsibility, employee well-being and ethical conduct.

our success across two decades – and leading position among china’s private sector high-tech manufacturing companies -- are a direct outcome of our ability to attract, motivate, train and retain talented people from china, asia, usa and globally. they enable us to achieve consistent high standards in our manufacturing, engineering, r&d and management. we are proud at ofilm to be the chosen partner and collaborator of some of the world’s largest and most important technology companies.

we seek ongoing improvements in all aspects of our business. employee feedback helps drive this, and is a vital part of creating a safe and respectful workplace for everyone.

our employment code of conduct:

·  we treat employees with utmost respect, dignity and fairness

·  we embrace diversity

·  we do not tolerate any form of discrimination based on age, gender, ethnic identity, religion, place of origin

·  all workers, regardless of ethnic, national or regional origin, are given the same pay and conditions for the same work

·  we fully comply with all applicable national or local laws, in hiring and other employment practices

·  employee health, safety and well-being are paramount

·  we seek to empower our employees through skill-building, vocational training and coaching to help them achieve and surpass personal and professional goals

·  all employees have the same freedoms during their off-time, including to venture outside their work location to shop, dine, sightsee or worship

·  all employees join ofilm voluntarily. while we seek to retain workers for the long-term, we support and allow employees to resign from their jobs at any time, for any reason

·  we provide employees who seek it with clean, safe and comfortable employee housing and company dormitories

·  we respect and cater to religious and ethnic differences in diet and dress. for example: at our china factory campuses, we offer halal meals prepared by trained halal chefs

·  we welcome our customers and partners to perform their regular independent social responsibility and workplace condition audits

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