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ofilm devoted itself to the capacity improvement of the whole staff, and through establishes the responsible behavior throughout organizations and the style of cost optimization, contribute to turn ofilm into a world level, high-tech, eco-friendly enterprise in the thin film photoconductor industry, to achieve the business vision of being respected century-long enterprise worldwide.

the company has formed a complete, systematic and scientific training system, making every ofilm staff is able to find their own position and value, encourage entire staff following by the scheduled learning path and abide by the idea of “learning during working and working after learning”. through the training to enhance personality, improve practice skills and raise group’s performance, working hard to create opportunities for talents growing and platform to show the talent.

general induction training:

responsible and enforced by the human resource department which includes: company introduction, enterprise culture, personnel regulations and rules, factory rules and disciplines, safety management, quality concept, 7s and dust free room management knowledge, esd electrostatic discharge and accommodation management etc. the general induction training should be completed within one week after induction.

on-the-job training:

divided into open class training and department training. the human resource department is responsible for the enforcement of open class training, each department is responsible for the enforcement of department training and the human resource department is responsible for the supervision of department training.

promotion training:

divided into two routes of technical route and management route, currently we have “operator promotion training”, “shift leader competency training” and “technician promotion training”.  subsequent development will be continued to build staff promotion training system.

exterior training:

after comprehensive consideration of training requirements and internal resources, introduce external resources to launch training activities when the internal training implement goal cannot be passed.

education background:

ofilm is now cooperating with some universities, leading our staff to enhance self-educational background. after graduated from university the school will issue the national standard graduation certificate and diploma certificate. the learning method includes self-learning test, adult higher education and internet education etc.

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