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salary and welfare

to enable our enterprise to retain key talent and motivate staff to continue high performance, our company's remuneration policy holds a far superior level of salary in comparison to the industry.

according to the importance of the division, roles are divided into various areas such as key positions, general posts and auxiliary jobs. ofilm has established two channels of promotion and career development, one for production based roles, the other for office based.

ofilm approves annual bonuses based on the annual performance of the company employees. quarterly assessment awards and outstanding staff awards are also a factor.

office staff benefit from an annual mid-year salary and promotion assessment, a fantastic opportunity for those who have made outstanding contributions each year. office staffs that have excelled in performance also have the opportunity to benefit from an additional end of year assessment. production based employment roles benefit from biannual promotion opportunities as standard.

ofilm believes in a people-orientated attitude, ensuring not only the company benefits but also our customers, employees and shareholders etc., encouraging an influx of people to join our enterprise.

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