ofilm held 2017 elite class meeting
release time:2017-09-05

on aug. 23rd, ofilm 2017 elite class meeting was held in nanchang huangjiahu park. chairman tsai rongjun, ceo of each business groups, person in charge of public function and 2017 elite class all colleagues, nearly 500 participants, attended the meeting.

the chairman delivered a keynote speech of “to have a long vision”. according to the chairman's description, ofilm will build a future science and technology city in nanchang high-tech development zone, construct an industrial park with integration of life, ecology and production, which includes the ofilm school which focus on personnel training, high-tech community, and more modern corporate campus, etc. he urged the elite colleagues to build up the spirit of the “craftsman”, to keep constantly improving, down-to-earth, working earnestly and pursuit of perfection. ofilm will continue to carry out long-term incentive mechanism such as esop and commercial housing for core cadre, make the strivers share the fruits of the company's development, elevate the happiness of all people from both material and spirit aspects.

ceo of each business groups also introduced the development planning of the business group to all the elite class colleagues, shared some valuable experience about transformation from students to workers and career development, and raised the expectation for the growth of elite class.

huang lihui, the ceo of ccm business group, encourage students to build up goals and dreams: “the elite class colleagues who just enter the workplace from the school,youth, sunshine, passion and enthusiasm for work. but as time goes on, passion and enthusiasm will fade away, at this time, the motivation to keep moving forward during work is a clear goal, keep your heart, persevere, and work hard together.”

“innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” the ceo of fpm business group, guan saixin said, ofilm is constantly recruiting, building a more professional technical team and making phased strategic planning. in the long term, we hope to transfer the world's advanced technology to china through the r & d team, further promote the industrial development. elite class is our future mainstay and technical backbone, let us work together to make our industry stronger.

the ceo of magic business group, meng kai said effort and persistence are very valuable qualities for companies and individuals. it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert, the elite class colleagues must be effectively accumulated in the first 3 years. opportunities are reserved for those who are prepared, combine with your advantages, focus on one thing, work hard for it, and it's good for your growth.

as an important part of the company's twin-engine strategy, the intelligent vehicle is also one of the highlights of the day.  dr. ma guanglin, the director of intelligent driving division, has shown the direction and results of the development of the company's intelligent vehicle with a video. he suggested to the elite class colleagues: it's necessary to have the qualities such as passion, impossible, teamwork, habits, proactive, accountability, if you can have these qualities, you will be able to adapt to the workplace more quickly.

as the advent of the intelligent age, the company plans ahead of the vr/ar field. the digital 3.0 era has come, ofilm forge ahead, actively carry out industrial layout, continue expanding new business, and lay a solid foundation for future development. “all the elite class colleagues just enter the workplace, is in the accumulation stage of experience and technology, to be confident, keep learning, concentration, and strive to be the best. in the process of work and study, we should study deeply, because depth can create a larger stage. the strategic technology director of ar/vr, weng zhibin said.

the coo tan zhenlin introduced the development planning of the elite class, including the elite class training system, transfer mechanism, core cadre commodity house, equity incentive, etc., and showed the growth path and development direction of the elite class. since its establishment in 2005, a large number of middle and senior management personnel and core technical backbone have been cultivated. elite class is an important talent development strategy for the company, the company has high hopes for each session of elite class, hope everyone can become a mainstay of ofilm, grow and develop with the company.

plant a chinese parasol tree, attract golden phoenix. ofilm is an international platform, which is full of opportunities and challenges, hope each one can display their talents to realize the ofilm dream.

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