ofilm ranked 209th in the 2017 top 500 chinese private enterprises
release time:2017-09-07

on aug. 24th, the latest list of top 500 chinese private enterprises was officially released in the 2017 top 500 chinese private enterprises conference, which was sponsored by the national federation of industry and commerce. ofilm ranked 209th.

the list is mainly based on the total annual sales of enterprises (operating revenue), and refers to the enterprise's net assets, tax amount, net profit and other indexes. this year, the entry threshold continues to improve, has reached 12.052 billion, almost twice as much as 5 years ago.

in recent years, with the operating income increasing at an average annual rate of 81.1%, ofilm becomes a global industry leader, especially in the field of fpm, ccm and tp. adhering to the operation philosophy of "to sprint a marathon", ofilm forms a twin-engine development strategy of "optoelectronic product intelligent vehicle".

in the future, ofilm will stick to the service concept of “all for customers”. according to focusing on customer demands, continuously developing products and services to meet customer needs, ofilm will maintain a leading position in industry.

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