ofilm honored ‘huawei year 2017 the excellent core partner’
release time:2017-11-29

on nov. 17th, the 2017 huawei core partner convention cbg branch has been solemnly opened in shenzhen. as a longtime reliable partner to huawei, ofilm was invited to attend, and awarded ‘year 2017 the excellent core partner’. the president of tp bu, jiang hai, and the vice president of ccm bu, wei zhao attended the meeting and accepted the award on behalf of ofilm. before the ‘year 2017 the excellent core partner’ award, ofilm has been awarded ‘year 2016 the best quality partner’ and ‘gold supplier’ by huawei.

the core partner convention was the top pageant facing global core suppliers held by huawei, the topic of which was ‘cooperative innovation ∙ win-win industry ∙ standard quality ∙ leading future’. zhijun xu, the rotating ceo of huawei, shared the overall development situation of huawei with hundreds of partners who were attending the convention. besides, he proposed the expectation of extending innovative collaboration and co-constructing development ecosphere & healthy ecosystem with partners.

huawei has a large scale of supply chains and partners in worldwide, ‘the excellent core partner’ is the recognition and honor to the top ones among which. being a supplier who has been cooperating with huawei for many years, ofilm remains the very beginning mind, always takes customers’ needs as our own mission, constantly pays attention to huawei’s products and service needs and responses actively. ofilm sustainedly supplies huawei with 5 series of high-quality products such as touchscreen, camera, fingerprint recognition and so on. basing on the constant innovation on core technology and the strict check on product performance and quality, ofilm has contributed more innovative business to huawei. in this way continuously strengthen the embodiment of value as a core supplier to huawei.

in the future, ofilm will continue to perfect the cost control system, optimize supply chain relationship, increase technology r&d investment and improve talent pool, so that to improve our overall competitiveness. in the meanwhile, ofilm will strive to create more value for customers by persisting in innovation on the basis of guaranteeing the quality of products.

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