ofilm achieved revenue of 24.46 billion in the first three quarters of 2017
release time:2017-12-07

on 23rd october, ofilm released the third quarter report for 2017. about 24.46 billion of revenue has been acquired during january to september, which was 28.69% growth compared with 2016. the net margin belongs to the holders of listed company was 1.22 billion, the year-on-year growth was 80.3%.

currently, ofilm is accelerating the arrangement for the vertical integration of the whole industry chain. in the meanwhile, we are constantly enhancing the product design ability as to customers’ needs, improving product quality and answering customers’ demands. ofilm has established long-term partnership with many famous enterprises such as huawei, lenovo, oppo, vivo, xiaomi, gionee and samsung, so that obtained the status of a mainstream supplier of micro camera module, touch control display and biometric authentication in the industry. ofilm stated that the market penetration rate of dual camera module will increase constantly in the future, thus orders to products will be released steadily. along with the arrival of the peak period, the capability utilization of guangzhou ofilm image corporation increased, therefore the profitability will be improved remarkably.

lianxun securities said that ofilm’s growth during the third quarter satisfies the expectation, and it looks to further increase in peak period. in the opinion of lianxun securities, in pace with the quickly penetration of oled, dual camera and fingerprint recognition and the start-up of intelligent car business, combining with ofilm’s first mover advantages and outstanding managing ability, they thought we will maintain a rapid growth on our sales performance. lianxun securities forecasted the eps of ofilm will be 0.55 yuan, 0.87 yuan and 1.12 yuan respectively in 2017, 2018 and 2019, correspond to 42x, 27x and 21xpe respectively, maintain the rating of ‘overweight’.

nevertheless, wanlian securities forecasted the eps of ofilm to be 0.55 yuan and 0.87 yuan respectively in 2017 and 2018, the pe correspond to the closing price on 24th oct. 2017 are 23.11 and 42.33 respectively. wanlian securities also gave the rating of ‘overweight’.

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