continued expanding and strengthening, ‘ofilm speed’ was recognized by yin meigen, secretary of nanchang municipal committee
release time:2018-01-10

on 19th december, yin meigen (standing committee of jiangxi province, secretary of nanchang municipal committee and secretary of ganjiang new district working committee of the party) , guo an (vice secretary of nanchang municipal committee, mayor of nanchang city), xie yiping (vice secretary of nanchang municipal committee) and other leaders visited ofilm training center park. they inspected the construction condition of it and learned in detail about ofilm’s progress and size of expansion on capability of camera module. the ceo, tan zhenlin and ceo of ccm bu, huang lihui introduced the related facts to the delegation.

in this time, the delegation continued the basic principles of ‘inspecting new projects instead of old ones, inspecting big projects instead of small ones and inspecting special projects instead of ordinary ones’. delegates visited corporates to inspect on the scene. at the training center park, secretary yin learned ofilm’s situation of technological innovation, market development and future planning. knowing that ofilm expanded and developed quickly, secretary yin gave full affirmation. meanwhile, he encouraged ofilm to command key technologies and improve core competence, so that step forward to push the business to high-end, frontier and deep-end.

the project of camera module’s capability expansion covers an area of 218 mu, total investment was 4.5 billion yuan. it is an important and addressed project of nanchang city in 2017, while also being one among the domestic projects that have most standardized factory, highest degree of productive automation, best production techniques in the industry and fastest construction speed. currently, there are 30 internationally advanced production lines in the park with 23kk of monthly capability. in the future, we will expand to 45 production lines and thereby increasing the monthly capability to 25kk. while seeing the front end and back end process of camera module production line, the ceo of ccm bu, huang lihui, introduced the production technique, cutting-edge technology and degree of automation to the delegation.  secretary yin nodded with a big smile on his face after the introduction. he encouraged ofilm to continue the role of bellwether. through continuously strengthening ability of technological innovation, increasing investment in research and development, actively importing leading technological personnel and accelerate the transition and application of scientific research results, ofilm is expected to bring vitality to the development of nanchang and strive for being a first-class brand in the worldwide.

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