a bamboo is beautiful for its straightness, a person is respected for his / her integrity
release time:2018-01-20

in the past three years, o-film has made some progress in the work of anti-corruption. we not only dug out some interior moths, but also made suppliers with bribery behaviors punished by the law. to augment the strength on anti-corruption, the inspection department organized to hold anti-corruption education & publicity conferences. in total, 13 conferences were arranged in guangzhou, shenzhen, suzhou and nanchang. as of january the 10th, the first conference was kicked off at guangzhou location.

at the conference, the inspection department firstly played an anti-corruption microfilm ‘daddy where are you going’. this microfilm was derived from a real case of o-film. it described a story that the main character fell into a wrong path due to his greed, therefore ended up in a prison. the main character has a four-year-old girl. in the microfilm, the innocence and helplessness in her eyes were impressive when seeing her daddy being arrested. this scene stabbed every attendee at their heart and made them realizing the serious consequences that would come to themselves and their families due to bribery.

after watching the microfilm, luo yonghui of inspection department introduced the anti-corruption background and reasons of o-film using the notion that ‘sense of propriety, righteousness, honesty, and shame are the four cardinal virtues in running a nation’. afterwards, staff of legal affairs department solemnly read out articles about offering bribes, accepting bribes, duty encroachment and contractual fraud in criminal law of the people’s republic of china. in the succedent anti-corruption achievements introduction, the lecturer adopted case study method, elaborated anti-corruption cases since the establishment of inspection department. these cases brought a great shock to the attendees. every case is an alarm to remind that integrity should be based on self-discipline, and the red line of law shall never be touched.

many suppliers gave speeches after the case interpretation, a common word mentioned by them is ‘heartshaking’. a representative of a supplier said, ‘this is the first anti-corruption conference i attend since i started working, i’m pretty impressed. the importance that o-film attached to honesty went far beyond my imagination. because of this, we are convinced that the collaboration with o-film has to be going through official approaches, and we should work on improving our techniques, quality and cost. furthermore, this conference makes me to be confident with o-film’s prosperity and feel promising about our collaboration. i’m going to advertise this after returning to my company’.

the purchasing director of ccm bu, cai shupeng, stressed that our partners must focus on cost and quality without any fluke mind, let alone offer any benefit to o-film’s staff. he expressed his gratitude towards suppliers for their active cooperation in 2017, and looked forward to greater collaboration in this year.

before the end of the conference, the president of ccm bu, huang lihui introduced some related facts about o-film. he said that o-film has took over and completed the transition of the guangzhou subsidiary. on the basis of that, o-film will continue the cultivation in the field of ccm. we are going to expand the scale and influence in this year, which needs the continuous active cooperation of our partners to supply us with better products and services. meanwhile, he stressed on o-film’s degree of attention on and strength of strike on anti-corruption, ‘no matter how good your service is, how advanced your techniques are or how cheap is your unit price, once you touch our red line, the collaboration will be terminated immediately without sparing anyone’s sensibilities’.

in the end, tang qinghua of the inspection department led the attendees to make the honesty oath. ‘once faith and belief waver, one will certainly lose the bearing. if pursuing extravagance and flash, one will finally die in ease’.

in the year of 2018, o-film will continue the work of anti-corruption and strive for perfecting the sustainable anti-corruption mechanism, so that creates a transparent and clean operating environment for the industry while building a strong mental line of defense on anti-corruption for the staff.

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