focus丨biometric identification subsidiary was recognized as jiangxi province-class enterprise technology center
release time:2018-01-23 recently, jiangxi provincial commission of industry and information released the 20th list of province-class enterprise technology center. the technology center of nanchang ofilm biometric identification technology co., ltd outstood other enterprises to won the title of ‘province-class enterprise technology center’. before this, the technology center was certified as nanchang municipal engineering technology research center.

the ‘province-class enterprise technology center’ is co-recognized by the provincial commission of industry and information, the provincial department of finance, the provincial state taxation bureau and the provincial local taxation bureau, etc. this recognition not only puts high requirements on economic indicator like sales scale, but also pays attention on enterprises’ comprehensive performance such as innovative capability and innovative leadership. in the meanwhile, it requires eminent scale advantage and competitive advantage in an industry.

all through the development process of ofilm, we had regarded technological innovation as the strategic key point. meanwhile, we had been constantly expanding to new business areas while developing new technologies. in march 2014, the fpm bu was established. only half a year later, we built up the nationally biggest fingerprint module production base. since the day of establishment, fpm bu had been constantly exploring and integrating resources while importing high technologies and teams from multiple aspects and channels. in this way, it cumulated excellent research and development capability on fingerprint reader. the fpm bu has been devoted to forge a completed scientific research system, and to perfect a investing mechanism and a project management mechanism. until now, fpm bu has independently researched and developed ceramic cover, glass cover, and fingerprint modules of matte, optical, capacitive, ultrasound and other kinds, as well as applied for 396 patents while authorized 131 of them.

what are the requirements for provincial class enterprise technological center?
1.the enterprise needs to possess leading scale advantage, technology advantage and market advantage in the industry in jiangxi. the total asset should be over 30 million yuan and the annual product sales revenue over 50 million yuan.
2.the management level should put emphasis on the technological center while be able to create good conditions for the center with strong innovative consciousness. the center needs to implement the director responsibility system under the manager’s leadership, the center’s director should have disposal right on related personnel, funds and equipment.
3.the enterprise should be able to ensure enough fund investment into technological development. the annual expense on technology development should account for more than 3% of the total sales revenue as well as no less than 2 million yuan.
4.the enterprise should have perfect researching, developing and experimenting condition, with technological development equipment of no less than 2 million yuan.
5.there should be technological leaders with high technological skills and rich practical experience, as well as reasonable structure of research team. the research and development personnel should account for a proportion of more than 3% and no less than 30 people, with more than 80% of personnel with bachelor’s degree or above, job title of assistant engineer or above.
6.there should be specific technological innovation direction, development plan, long-term research and development goal and stable production-learning combination mechanism which could provide technical support for the long-term development of the enterprise.

on the upcoming path of development, ofilm will continue the focus on technological innovation and personnel training, so that strive for developing more high-technology, sophisticated and advanced products and maintain the competitive advantage in the fields of biometric identification, camera and touch-control. ofilm is aiming for better performance.
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