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-ofilm awarded ten-year employees with ‘ten-year contribution award’
release time:2018-03-01

despite the harshness and roughness we had experienced in more than a decade’s development, ofilm expanded from shenzhen to the global market and became a leading contest in the industry. in this period, we continually concentrated on innovation and endlessly endeavored to better the quality. there were some people who dedicated their youth to our common business, they took roots in ofilm and strived at their positions with the same level of great enthusiasm for a decade. for these experienced employees who worked with high level of cautiousness and strived to overcome difficulties, ofilm set up ‘ten-year contribution award’ to reward them.

as of 5th feb., session 1 of ofilm ‘ten-year contribution award’ ceremony was held at nanchang huangjiahu location, the chairman and the management expressed good wishes to the awarded employees.

in the preliminary developing period of ofilm, colleagues united at ofilm from all over the china to fight for the same dream. by the end of year 2017, 48 more colleagues had their 10-year’s company with ofilm. in these ten years, they witnessed ofilm’s development and transformation as well as contributed their loyalty and intelligence to the company. therefore, ofilm specially honored them with ‘ten-year contribution award’.

tan zhenlin presiding over the award ceremony

the general manager tan zhenlin presided over the award ceremony. as a 12-year senior employee, he got many sentiments when saw these old buddies. he said, ‘everyone presenting here looks familiar to me, this ceremony is actually a gathering of old colleagues and old friends’. his speech resonated with everyone. moreover, the retroactive video honor the youth with achievements which was tailored to the awardees brought up their memory of the old days. the video recorded some fractions in these 48 employees’ personal development experience, which also outlined ofilm’s developing path in the past decade. ten-year’s time flowed away in a moment. these experienced employees had grew to be the mainstays of ofilm during 10-yaer’s tribulations.

‘ten-year contribution award’ golden medals

after watching the video, the chairman awarded the present 26 awardees with golden medals and honorary certificates one by one, and shook hands with these old comrades respectively. he looked back upon the old days when they fought together and recalled anecdotes among those days, which brought everyone to the past scenes.

representative awardee huang lihui giving speech

as one of the ten-year employees, huang lihui (the president of ccm bu), had so many feelings. he said, ‘actually, i have been expecting this ceremony for a long time, it was not because of the value of the golden medal, but the arrival of this commemorative moment. many people among us had reached the core management level or even had been in charge of a whole business unit after a decade’s polishing. gaining this golden medal is both an honor and a kind of responsibility. in the future, i hope everyone endeavors to perfect our company all together, continues to improve personal capabilities and pursuits ofilm’s goal of ‘dual-hundred-billions’, thus achieving greater value for both our company and ourselves’.

representative awardee giving speech

production manager peng xiao of ccm manufacture section 1 – cob department also expressed his feelings on stage. he said, ‘thank chairman for being concerned with us, and thank my leader and colleagues for supporting and helping me all the time. when i joined ofilm, i was ignorant. after trained by the leader and colleagues, i mastered technics and overcame difficulties along with other colleagues to achieve small goals one by one. in the past decade, i gradually became mature and acquired a managerial position. in these 10 years, i witnessed ofilm’s development and expansion, whereas increasingly felt my deficiencies. in the future, i will keep the enthusiasm and stay hungry, endeavor to create a better prospect together with ofilm’.

at the end of the ceremony, the chairman proposed some expectations and advice. he said, ‘employees should adjust the attitude and strengthen learning capabilities. the learning capability is important in building competitiveness, we are unable to make everyone fully keep the pace with our company’s development, but excellent employees could achieve it by studying. one should stay modest and keep an open mind, only by constantly learning with the open mind could one keep making progress. the future is the golden age for development as well as the period with biggest challenge, thus we need to maintain the awareness of crisis. so i hope everyone continue the study in different positions. it’s a pity that we didn’t include education and training in our task and strategy in the past because of the heavy burden of various businesses. in 2018, we will concentrate on systematical training. through strengthening all our personnel’s capabilities, we are heading towards higher developing phase and goal. we will learn from world-class companies and aim at becoming them. besides, everyone should do excises and develop leisure interests outside of work. robust good health is the essential prerequisite of being an excellent administrator. otherwise it will be difficult to reach higher goals’.

ten-year’s striving and developing, studying is important, persistence is even more important. every golden medal as well as every certificate is a heavy honor and responsibility. this is ofilm’s recognition and encouragement towards these old staff, moreover, this is also the payoff from their contribution towards ofilm in these consecutive 10 years.

group photo

hard-working, striving and persistence made their ten-year achievements, thank them for their dedication and contribution in these years. hope every ofilmer takes these people as the model, to work hard and stick to learning, thus showing their competence on ofilm’s stage.

thank you for the company with ofilm. the next ten years, we strive together to continue the success.

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