ofilm year 2017 annual report:various businesses co-developed, innovation drove the growth
release time:2018-05-05

according to the annual report released on april 24th, in 2017, ofilm achieved 33.79 billion yuan of revenue, the year-on-year growth was 26.34%, and the net profit attributed to shareholders was 1.1 billion yuan, resulted in 40.47% of the year-on-year growth.

in 2017, ofilm increased the investment in r&d to 1.76 billion yuan, which accounted for 5.2% of our revenue, rose for 21.27% compared with the last year.

ofilm seized the opportunity of the incremental market drove by advancement on innovation in 2017. by rapidly improving our capacity and optimizing our industrial structures through raising the investment in r&d and new product development, we quickly enhanced the competitive advantage in the field of micro-camera module, and achieved a steady business growth.

after more than 10 years’ development, ofilm has got many outcomes in the field of optics and optoelectronics. on the basis of strong execution, innovative product design and vertical-integrated industrial chain, ofilm took a leading position in the industry. meanwhile, ofilm accelerated the process of laying out the smart car business according to the development trend, found a one-stop solution in the essential area of smart car business and laid out in both the fields of optics & optoelectronics and smart car, so that strive to become a globally leading enterprise with high-technology platforms.

currently, ofilm has two main sections of businesses, which are optics & optoelectronics and smart car. the optics & optoelectronics section consists of three businesses, including optical products, touch control & display products and sensors. the smart car section includes hmi, adas and automobile electronics.

optics and optoelectronics

ofilm actively seized the opportunity of the development of mobile interaction industry, took full advantage of our accumulated technical skills and pushed a customer-oriented operating strategy. by applying independent innovation to lead the upgrade of technological industrialization, increasing the investment in r&d, strengthening interior management and steadily improving product quality, we enhanced the leading position in the global optics & optoelectronics industry.

optical products: vertical-integrated camera industry chain, held the opportunity of technology innovation industry

as we made full use of our advantage of optical innovation and design, the camera business grew rapidly with a steady increase in global market occupation rate. ofilm continually optimized the product structure of camera module business, thus the shipment proportion of dual-camera module increased rapidly and supplied for an increasing number of clients’ hot sale models.

touch-control and display: faced the great market of flexible touch-control with accumulated edged touch-control technology.

the business was laid out vertical-integrated with highlighted scale effect. the yield of touch-control products of international big customer improved steadily, while the profitability increased continually.

sensors: researched technical solutions for full-screen recognition to enhance the leading position in the industry.

we optimized the product structure, further highlighted advantages of vertical-integrated industry, thereby improving net profit.

smart car

developed an overall plan in the field of smart car and connected cars, thus formed a ‘two-wheel driving’ new engine to push the co-develop of business structuralization and upgrade the enterprise by technical innovation and business mode innovation.

hmi human-vehicle interactive system

excellent r&d teams were inducted and sales teams to develop new customers.

adas advanced driving assistant system

nationally leading r&d team was inducted to improve the systematical computing power. combined with the strong foundation of products’ technical hardware, it was developing smoothly with sufficient orders. among which, we had got appointed notices for vehicle-mounted camera, rear view system, 360-degree viewing system and auto-parking system, thereby gradually releasing profit of orders.

ecu vehicle devices

by acquiring tellus & linspector, ofilm enriched product lines in the field of vehicle devices. on the basis of the qualification of the former’s suppliers and excellent teams, we successfully entered other product lines in this field, including light & rainfall sensor, bus control and energy sources management.

in 2018, ofilm will take advantage of the strength of innovative technology, enhance the gene of independently innovation and execute the three-in-one research strategy. through extending industry chain and increasing the proportion of high-end products, we will gradually improve the overall profitability and the level of return on equity while ensuring the continual steady increase of operation revenue.

the upcoming 5 years will be the golden age for high-technological intelligent manufacture. ofilm will seize the opportunity to forge the core competence of intelligent manufacture.

a glimpse on year 2017 ofilm annual report

stock code: 002456

operating performance increases steadily

33.79 billion yuan of revenue, 26.34% of year-on-year growth.

the net profit attributed to shareholders was 1.1 billion yuan, resulted in 40.47% of year-on-year growth. the return on asset was 11.79%, the per-share earnings was 0.38 yuan. the operating profit was 0.96 billion yuan, increased 41.13% compared with the last year. the total asset for 2017 was 30.84 billion yuan, resulted in 31.6% of year-on-year growth.

performance drivers:

camera business grew rapidly with a steady increase on global market share.

the shipment proportion of dual-camera modules soared up, which contributed to the prominent improvement on ofilm’s overall profitability.

the yield of touch-control business with international big clients increased steadily, the profitability improved continually.

as for the fingerprint recognition business, we made advantage of the resource integration effect on industry chain, so that highlighted the advantage of cost control and scale economy.

the layout of smart car business started to work.

developed a variety of businesses, which brought sufficient growth dynamic

optical section: vertical-integrated camera industry chain, held the opportunity of technical innovation industry.

the revenue was 16.63 billion yuan, increased 109.47% compared with the last year.the shipment volume was about 0.5 billion with 70% of year-on-year growth. the capacity of single camera was around 60kk/month, while the capacity of dual-camera was about 15kk/month.

touch-control section:faced the great market of flexible touch-control with accumulated edged touch-control technology.

the revenue was 11.29 billion yuan, increased 28.65% compared with the last year. the shipment volume was 0.22 billion with the capacity of 25kk/month.

fingerprint recognition module: researched full-screen recognition solution, enhanced the leading position in the industry.

the revenue was 5.3 billion yuan, and the shipment volume was 0.19 billion with the capacity of 32kk/month.developed an overall plan in the field of smart car and connected cars, thus formed a ‘two-wheel driving’ new engine to push the co-development of business structuralization and upgrade the enterprise by technical innovation and business mode innovation.the revenue was 0.31 billion yuan, with 23.96% of net profit.perfecting the globalized strategic layout with overseas acquisition.

global branches map:

research centers were set up in the usa, japan, korea and europe to attract excellent local technicians and approach the newest technical information and industrial information.we kept close to globally edged technology and invested in industries including biometrics, 3d image, arithmetic, ar/vr, intelligent driving, lidar and touch-control feedback.investment in r&d increased, resulted in further improvement in technical level.1.76 billion yuan was invested in r&d, which accounted for 5.2% of the total revenue with the year-on-year growth of 21.27%. as of december 31,2017, ofilm had applied for 3944 patents in the worldwide and accredited 2051 pieces of them, 754 pieces among which were patents for invention, 1274 pieces were patents for utility models and the other 23 pieces were design patents.

prominent core competences:

r&d advantage: independent innovation is the lifeblood of enterprises’ survival and embedded mode of research and development.talents of expert level and effective incentive mechanism.perfect overseas branches and investment layout

excellent customer resources:business concept of ‘all for customers’.accumulated product line with complete varieties and reasonable structure.strong product design capability, fast response to the market

cost control advantage:vertical-integrated industry line.highly automatic production line.stable and reliable supply ability with scale advantage

excellent corporate culture:accurate strategic anticipation and power of decision-making.strong execution power from top to bottom

enterprise honors

placed no.234 on the china’s top 500 enterprises list on fortune, jumped 43 places over the previous year.

listed in ‘china electronic information top 100 enterprise’ for successive five years, ranked no.28 in 2017, rose for 4 places.

forbes top 50 listed company in asia-pacific area.

awarded the '2016 mayor quality award' and huawei ‘quality excellence award'.

high return on investment for investors

assigned cash dividend of 0.56 yuan (tax included) per 10 shares, totaled about 1.5 billion yuan.

future planning

global penetration rate of dual-camera is expected to reach 60% in 2020, with the market size of dual-camera to be 75 billion yuan.

3d sensing brings a period of fast penetration in the upcoming 5-10 years in camera-related industry chain.

entering into the amoled era, add-on film touch-control solution will become the main stream setting.

in 2019, the penetration rate of amoled in smart phone is expected to reach 40%.

in the trend of applying adas, the volume of camera is expected to double its size and reach 68 billion yuan.

future strategy

optical products: single camera to dual-camera,2d image to 3d image,hardware to software hardware,thin size to mini size

industry development trend:

touch-control business: make use of the advantage of new products and technologies, improve the capability of massive production for full-fitting curved screen business.

biometrics: maintain the advantage of traditional business, optimize our technology, expand its business application to more areas.

smart car: strategic layout, increasing investment, to build the second growing point after consumer electronics.

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