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release time:2018-05-09

in recent years, ofilm recruited in rural areas such as xinjiang, gansu, qinghai, ningxia and sichuan complying with the central government’s strategy of poverty alleviation, thereby helping the ethnic minority people to increase income. meanwhile, we continually innovated in the management of service for minority employees and strived to facilitate the national unity, thus formed a new path which facilitates national unity with targeted poverty alleviation and promotes corporate development with national unity.

the research group visited and investigated ofilm’s national unity work

on april 26th, the research group led by du yu, the vice director of the supervision and inspection department, state ethnic affairs commission of the people’s republic of china, arrived at ofilm’s 1# industrial park in nanchang and researched the nation-unity work. zhao yongfei, the chairman of the union, reported to the research group about company basic information, the recruitment of ethnic minority employees and the innovative managing method and experience of service for minority employees.

at present, ofilm possesses 6 industrial parks in nanchang and provides jobs for a great deal of ethnic minority employees. although with its wide distribution in national varieties, big amount of employees, many difficulties on corporate management and heavy social responsibility, ofilm kept connecting the corporate’s development closely with national unity, integrated unity and differentiation in system and daily management, and strived to build a working environment of harmony and tolerance,

zhao yongfei, the chairman of the union was introducing to the research group

in daily management, ofilm required fairness and equality among nations as well as focused on the differences between nations and executed humanitarian management. for example, we achieved equality among employees from different nations in work, life, training, security education, labor protection, welfare, leisure activities, etc. besides, we respect hui people and other minority employees’ customs and set up muslim canteen in every park. in these canteens, we especially supply muslim beef and mutton. in national traditional festivals such as lesser bairam and corban festival, we especially prepared gifts and arranged gala celebrations for minority employees.

moreover, ofilm had set up staff service management committee and inducted minority employees to participate in democratic administration and listen to their opinions and advices in production and life, so that we could find out and rectify problems timely, defuse conflicting situations between employees of different nations and assist to deal with emergencies involving staff.

the research group was listening to report

furthermore, ofilm had done nation-unity advertising and education work in depth. we invited bureau of ethnic and religious affairs of nanchang municipality to introduce nation-related policies and knowledge, built an atmosphere of employees from different nations interacting, communicating and integrating, and facilitating the employees to learn from each other, help each other and take care of each other. in this way, employees from different nations built up relationships and friendship in study and work, as well as made progress together.

du yu and zhao yongfei were talking

when listening to the report, du yu frequently appreciated with nodding. when being informed that a hui employee could earn the annual income of his/her whole family in ofilm in 2 months, du yu said, ofilm not only demonstrated an excellent model for national unity and integration work, but also made great contribution to the progression of the poverty alleviation work for ethnic minority areas such as xinjiang.

the research group appreciated ofilm’s nation-unity work

du yu pointed out that the purpose of this investigation is to tap good working experience and management method while setting up some typical demonstrating corporates. ofilm had took social responsibility as rapidly developing, actively complied with the national poverty alleviation strategy and pushed the progress of nation-unity work. ofilm’s experience and achievements are worth to be advertised and spread.

as actively inducting ethnic minority employees, ofilm insists that nation-unity benefits not only the social harmony, but also the improvement of a corporate’s cohesion and core competence. in the future, ofilm will deepen the education of national unity and ‘five identifications’ among the staff of various nations, so as to improve employees’ awareness of chinese nation community, helping each other, learning from each other and taking care of each other. moreover, ofilm will facilitate the interaction and communication between employees from different ethnic backgrounds, induce them to unite as pomegranate seeds do. meanwhile, we will arrange more leisure activities that meet the minority employees’ needs, induct more minority employees who are poor, so as to help them to increase income and lead a better life.

members of the research group including cao guoqing (vice minister of the united front work department of cpc jiangxi committee, secretary of jiangxi national religious affairs bureau’s party group, director of jiangxi national religious affairs bureau), ma zhehai (member of jiangxi national religious affairs bureau’s party group, vice-director of jiangxi national religious affairs bureau), liang chaowei (vice minister of nanchang municipal united front work department, director of nanchang national religious affairs bureau), tan sanguo (vice-director of nanchang national religious affairs bureau), wang li (vice-director of economy and technology development district management committee, vice-director of ganjiang new district of economy and technology development district management committee, director of economy and technology development district organization human resource department), etc.

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