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release time:2020-03-06

to enable all our valued and diverse employees to find comfort, security and good health, together with full job and life satisfaction, we seek to create a working environment and corporate culture that are welcoming and respectful of individual’s preferences and backgrounds. we seek to foster an atmosphere where all employees will show and receive mutual respect, to enjoy a spirit of equality and tolerance, both on the job and off it. in this way, we believe we create a harmonious work environment conducive both to individual well-being and company-wide success.

though founded in china, ofilm group is today a fully international technology company, with staff members – as well as customers and partners -- from china as well as much of asia, europe and north america. we embrace and nurture our multinational and multiethnic company culture.

helping our employees maintain a good work-life balance is crucial for us as a company. our employees, during working hours, help to produce some of the world’s most advanced, complex and essential products of the modern age. so, part of our company culture is to encourage friendly get-togethers, celebrations and holiday parties outside of working hours. we believe it’s one of the reasons our employees seek and hold onto employment at ofilm and strive to excel.

to foster inclusion and professional development, ofilm takes a proactive approach at its nanchang facilities to engage with members of the entire workforce, including not only han chinese but members of the many chinese ethnic minorities, as well as the international staff we happily employ. this includes helping employees organize seminar, sports and leisure activities in harmony with their preferences and backgrounds. this effort starts from the top. our chairman and founder, mr. rongjun cai, takes an active part in this process of employee engagement. along with other senior management, mr. cai helps plan and participate in events that help build friendships and a sense of belonging for employees of all backgrounds and nationalities.

our factory campuses in china recruit, train and employ individuals from across all regions china, including towns and villages thousands of kilometers away.

when she first came to work at ofilm in nanchang, dili nuer worried she might feel homesick and miss out on the traditional festivities of her culture, having traveled some 4,000 from xinjiang in northwestern china. she soon discovered that ofilm organizes celebrations at the time of traditional festivals of the different ethnic and religious groups working at ofilm, including the festivals of gurban and eid celebrated in xinjiang. ofilm offers its holiday greetings and blessings by presenting gifts and organizing celebrations for traditional festivals. when she’s off work, dili nuer likes to go shopping with friends she’s made at work. she and her friends can take a bus to the busy downtown shopping areas of nanchang.

ofilm offers all employees the chance to go on company-organized group tours. for dili nur, she values her working experience at ofilm, the good pay and conditions, along with the opportunities in her spare time to enjoy travel and leisure opportunities not as readily available to her at home.

mr. jibon yu and mr. erdu ma are both members of china’s ancient hui nationality. both took up jobs last year at ofilm. the work is demanding, but they say they enjoy the safe and efficient environment inside the factory, as well as their level of compensation. outside of working hours, both have time to spend with co-workers who’ve now become good pals. they participate in sports activities, trips far and wide from the factory. they have come to feel welcome and a sense of belonging together with their coworkers at ofilm.

mr. shengyun ma, also a member of the hui nationality, has been working at ofilm for three years. during that time, he has grown from a first-time employee to become team supervisor. the chance for career advancement is important to him, as are the financial rewards. his wages how help his family enjoy a higher standard of living and new educational opportunities. ofilm continues to invest in his future by offering him training, seminars and new work opportunities to upgrade his skills and seek further promotion.

ofilm is today one of china’s twenty-five largest technology companies, a partner and supplier to businesses globally, including some of the world’s largest, most distinguished and successful technology companies worldwide. we believe our success thus far is closely linked to the fact we have an international outlook and operate as a socially responsible enterprise. for ofilm, that means providing an excellent and collaborative working environment and good quality-of-life for employees, regardless of background or national origin.

to reinforce and strengthen our commitment and good corporate citizenship, ofilm has established employee service committees. management and manufacturing staff meet frequently to take steps to improve worker satisfaction, both on the job and off.

for ofilm management, it shall remain a priority to strengthen its communication, outreach and inclusiveness. this is our commitment to our workers while they are on the job and during their leisure time, for those of all diverse backgrounds and ethnicities, chinese as well as international team members. only by doing so can we fulfill our highest goals as a company, to be a good partner, employer, corporate citizen in china and all the other regions where we are privileged to operate.

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