it\'s our duty to fight the epidemic! the third batch of donation from ofilm is in place
release time:2020-02-12

at present, the whole country is in the critical period of combating the epidemic of new coronavirus pneumonia. many hospitals that have fought hard in the first line of epidemic prevention and control have issued the "acceptance of social donation notice".

at the same time of prevention and control of epidemic situation and resumption of production and work, ofilm did not forget to fulfill its social responsibility and actively paid attention to the development of epidemic situation. after donating 20 million yuan to help hubei and nanchang fight against epidemic, in the face of the shortage of domestic medical and epidemic prevention materials, ofilm made full efforts to purchase through overseas professional channels relying on the global layout. after coordination and communication from various parties, the 85000 medical professional masks raised by ofilm in south korea have been assembled and flown back to china as soon as possible. recently, these medical masks have been donated to sun yat sen memorial hospital of sun yat sen university in guangzhou, jiangxi children's hospital of nanchang, jiangxi maternal and child health hospital, the first affiliated hospital of nanchang university, and other hospitals in need to support the prevention and control of the epidemic.

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