ofilm donated 20 million yuan to help fight the epidemic in wuhan and nanchang
release time:2020-02-1

since the outbreak in wuhan, the epidemic has spread rapidly to all parts of the country. ofilm has responded positively and organized quickly to fight the epidemic with practical actions for days. recently, ofilm has donated 20 million yuan to the epidemic.

on january 30, ofilm donated 10 million yuan to hubei to fully support wuhan and its surrounding epidemic areas in fighting the epidemic. including 5 million yuan for wuhan union medical college hospital, and 1 million yuan for designated hospitals in huanggang, xiaogan, jingmen, ezhou and suizhou.

in february 1st, ofilm donated 10 million yuan to nanchang red cross, to support the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic situation in nanchang.

with the continuous spread of the epidemic, the prevention and control of the epidemic has been strengthened all over the country. jiangxi is adjacent to hubei, jiangxi and nanchang, the provincial capital, have no time to delay the prevention of the epidemic. we are grateful for the support and help of nanchang city to ofilm. as a leading enterprise of nanchang city, ofilm is bound to help fight the epidemic. this donation to nanchang city reflects a strong social responsibility responsibility and responsibility.

in recent years, while actively performing social responsibilities and participating in public welfare undertakings, ofilm has also continued to promote the high-quality development of enterprises. now, the company has become a leading module manufacturer in the world and a leading module manufacturer in the domestic mobile phone industry chain.

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