ofilm donated 10 million yuan to help fight the epidemic in hubei province
release time:2020-01-30

if one side is in trouble, all sides should support it. recently, the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic affects every chinese heart and affects the heart of the ofilm people.

in order to respond to and implement the national decision-making and deployment on epidemic prevention and control, on january 30, ofilm donated 10 million yuan to the red cross society of hubei province for the first time to purchase medical materials in urgent need, as well as the rescue and care of front-line medical personnel, and fully supported wuhan and the surrounding epidemic areas in hubei province to fight against the epidemic. 10 million yuan in cash has been fully remitted today.

we will work together to overcome difficulties. in recent years, while promoting the high-quality development of the enterprise, ofilm has actively fulfilled its social responsibility and actively participated in public welfare undertakings, winning the recognition and praise of governments and all sectors of the society.

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