fpc products win the innovation award of vivo for two years in a row
release time:2018-06-01

on may 18th, 2018 vivo global business partner conference was held in dongguan, guangdong under the topic of ‘duty, technical innovation, enjoy being outstanding’. over 300 globally top-level suppliers attended this conference to share the outcomes out of cooperation. guan saixin(president of ofilm fpm bu), zhao wei (vice-president of ccm bu) and hai jiang(vice-president of sales department) were invited to attend.

ofilm was recognized by vivo with the globally-initiated optical fingerprint solution, and awarded the honor of ‘innovation prize’.

since entered the field of biometrics in 2014, ofilm was focusing on the development of the integrated fingerprint recognition solution. on the basis of the high market share of the traditional capacitive fingerprint module, ofilm increased the investment in r&d to lead the innovation on technology, aimed to meet the market demand and contributed to develop the optical module and ultrasonic module.

ultrasound fingerprint recognition

· on jan. 2017, the ultrasound fingerprint r&d project was launched.

· on june 2017, shanghai mwc co-operated with vivo to release the ultrasound ud unlock fingerprint module.

· on dec. 2017, mass-produced for huawei honor 10.

optical fingerprint recognition

· on june 2017, the optical fingerprint r&d project was launched.

· on dec. 2017, mass-produced vivo x20 ud fingerprint.

· on march 2018, mass-produced vivo x21 screen fingerprint module.

· on april 2018, mass-produced huawei maters underdisplay fingerprint module.

currently, ofilm fpm is the sole optical fingerprint supplier in the market, which acquires the first-mover advantage. optical fingerprint solution was right the innovative technology that awarded by vivo this time.

the optical fingerprint solution corporates fingerprint recognition module with the display module, so that realized to unlock in the visible area. the advantage of optical fingerprint solution is obvious compared with the traditional fingerprint solution:

· the module is placed under the screen, which saves room for enlarging the screen size.

· the ud optical fingerprint provides unlimited room for cellphone id design.

· it brings brand new experience to users to unlock on-screen with fingerprint.

we have cooperated with vivo for 3 years. as a key supplier of vivo fingerprint recognition and camera products, this is the successive second year that we received this award, while being the only awardee among fingerprint module suppliers.

ofilm always stick to the path of r&d and invest over 5% of operation revenue in it as well as set up special bonus to encourage innovation. as the technological innovation transformed into fruitful outcomes of intellectual property, the amount of our patents accumulated year-by-year. at present, we had applied for 4138 patents in the global wide and accredited 2376. the technological innovation constantly facilitates ofilm’s promotion from a manufacturing enterprise to a platform-innovative enterprise.

this award is recognition to ofilm’s innovative technology and capability. meanwhile, this encourages us to increase the investment in r&d, so that to improve the innovative capability and provide better products, better service and higher value for clients.

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