ofilm co-developed internet of things module manufacturing program with yingtan high-tech district
release time:2018-06-20

june 8th , a signing ceremony was conducted for the program, internet of things module manufacturing foundation, that co-developed by the joint venture subsidiary of ofilm, jiangxi ofilm juneng wulian tech. ltd. co., (ofilm jnwl for short), and the management committee of the high-tech district, yingtan.

this program was highly regarded by the yingtan municipal government. guo an (secretary of yingtan municipal party committee), yu xiuming (vice secretary of yingtan municipal party committee, mayor of yingtan city) and zhang fuqing (municipal standing committee, executive vice mayor) have attended the ceremony. cai rongjun (chairman) and weng chao (vice general manager, chairman of ofilm jnwl) have also attended.

a scene of the signing ceremony

guo an, secretary of yingtan municipal party committee, attended the ceremony

since entering this field, ofilm always takes r&d of internet of things’ core products and platform-building as the lead and lay foundation on connection of things. in this way, we developed solutions and business applications in fields of smart parking, smart tourism, emergency command, etc., to build a brand new smart ecosystem that connecting everything.

in order to further develop the internet of things business, ofilm co-founded jiangxi ofilm juneng wulian tech. ltd. co., via the wholly-owned subsidiary nanchang ofilm smart information industry ltd. co., together with the state-owned investment platform, jiangxi juneng investment group, that appointed by the administrative committee of yingtan high-tech industry district. the two sides cooperated to develop the integrated program, mobile internet of things module manufacturing and smart city system. while taking advantage of ofilm’s leading advantage on the fields of touch-control screen and camera to facilitate the development of smart city, we furthered our leading position in the industry and improved the core competence in smart industry.

the chairman, cai rongjun was giving speech

on the ceremony, the chairman cai rongjun briefly introduced ofilm’s basic information and the developing plan in the field of internet of things. he said, the internet of things industry is right in the eye of a storm with the volume of nearly 20 billion yuan. as the 03 special demonstrative pilot foundation, yingtan is committed to build a smart new city. ofilm has leading advantage in the world-wide in the fields of touch-control system, image system and biometrics system, which is closely connected to the internet of things chips and has abundant experience in module r&d and manufacturing. there are many meeting points between the local government and the corporate and a wide co-operation area, which brings a promising perspective. ofilm is confident and determined to work together with the yingtan government and to achieve a win-win. by expanding from yingtan to the whole china and the overseas, we are aiming to realize the second dynamism.

the vice-secretary of yingtan municipal committee and mayor, yu xiuming, was giving speech

the vice-secretary of yingtan municipal committee and mayor, yu xiuming, welcomed the above project to land in yingtan high-tech district. he pointed out that the provincial committee and government is highly regarded and concerned to the development of yingtan mobile internet of things industry. in the last year, the jiangxi province mobile internet of things development plan (2017-2020) was enacted and released. besides, a three-party strategic co-operation agreement was signed between the local government, the national ministry of industry and information and the ministry of science and technology to pinpoint that yingtan is the main executing place of the special project.

as this project launched in yingtan, it filled the blank of module manufacturing in mobile internet of things industry at present, as well it furthered ofilm’s brand advantage and pushed other corporates in the industry to converge on yingtan, so that facilitates the development of the mobile internet of things. the related municipal departments and high-tech district should enhance the awareness of serving and responsibility, by which practically take the responsibility in the agreement, actively push through and coordinate the difficulties and problems generate during the project’s building process and dedicate to do preparation work. thereby they could make the project to kick-off, launch and workout as soon as possible. in the near future, there will be a revolution of quality, efficiency and driving force in the development of yingtan’s mobile internet of things industry.

the agreement was signed at the ceremony

ofilm and the representative of yingtan high-tech district signed the cooperation agreement at the ceremony. this project was invested by jiangxi ofilm juneng wulian tech. ltd. co., to enrich its capability of manufacturing the internet of things module. it locates at the smart terminal industrial park in yingtan high-tech district, aims to build the largest production base of mobile internet of things module in the nation-wide. this was developed from the foundation of previous cooperation that indicated a higher level of cooperation. it will surely boost the high-tech district’s construction of the vanguard of a smart new city.

nb-iot module

the main product of this project is an integrated nb-iot module with high performance and low consumption that able to work at all spectrums. it adopts the highly integrated design of lcc packaging that with a small size and low cost. it has high reliability on weld and strong capability of anti-seismic that meets the requirements of automatic mass production. it is applicable to all bad working conditions and the field of m2m internet of things, such as smart parking, smart meter recording, smart city, smart security, goods tracking and monitor on agriculture and environment, which co-builds a comprehensive management system of internet of things with the smart cloud.

on the basis of this project, ofilm will take the nb-iot module product as the breakthrough point and take advantage of ofilm smart manufacture. in this way, we will co-build the industrial manufacture base, the internet of things cloud center and the ‘smart city’ technology application center, so that co-develop the yingtan smart new city and the ecosystem of internet of things industry together with yingtan government. furthermore, we will implement this model in the whole province to achieve a full coverage of nb-iot business and strive to develop a new benchmark of the internet of things industry.

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