ofilm held semi-annual working meeting
release time:2018-08-06

on july 11, our working meeting of first half year of 2018 was successfully held in no.1 park, nan chang. more than forty people attended this meeting, including the president, cai rongjun and other key managers. the meeting pointed out that, when confronting the complex and fast-changing market situations, all of us should strengthen the sense of competition and proactively seize the chances, then enhance the performance of our company.

at present, the global economy is growing slowly, and china's economy has been stepping into a new normal. the mobile internet terminal market has changed dramatically. the brand competition degree continues to rise, and the competition situation has changed a lot.

“under everyone's joint effort,we experienced many difficulties last year. it is precious that our company still maintain the momentum of development when facing the serious economic situation. next,we should be more calm to adapt the elusive market. ” at the meeting,president cai said, the market in the second half of 2018 is essentially different from the precious years and it will be more terrible. for our company, ofilm, it is not a challenge, but also a chance over our competitors.

due to more and more serious market, president cai emphasized the following points:

1. all of us should continue to play humble and hungry, improving fighting force, the reaction to changing market and the execution,then expanding our market shares.

2. our company, ofilm, is still a member of “the followers” and lacks of core techology products. we ought to increase the input to new products and strengthen core competence. and we should continue to expand industrial chain furthest improve the bargianing power of products.

3. each business group should devote themself to improve their execution and management of cadres. public sectors should continue enhance support efficiency and increase the sense of urgency of all staffs.

4. each business group should strengthen communication and cooperation, which can quickly improve integrated strength of our company.

at last, president cai called on us to be united and hard-working as usual. and we should try our best to achieve success in the second half of 2018 and lay a better fundation of next year.

this meeting serves as link between the past and the future. it sets a clear goal for the later production and operation and it is also the start of finishing the anual production and operation.

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