semi-annual report 2018, ofilm realizes growth on both revenues and net profits
release time:2018-09-03

august 6, ofilm released the semi-annual report for 2018: in the first half of 2018, the revenue was 18.256 billion yuan, ups 20.74﹪ year-over-year; the net profit attributable to the owner of the parent company was 744 million yuan, ups 19.93﹪ year-over-year; the net profit after deducting non-regular profit and loss was 685 million yuan, ups 66.06﹪ year-over-year.

there are some reasons that can lead to the growth of revenues and net profits: the optical innovation and the design competence, the continuously optimized business structure, the steadily increasing global market share of camera and the rapidly increasing shipment of dual-camera module. meanwhile, the company continues to play a leading role in the touch industry, grasps the opportunities of the return of external touch methods under oled, continuously improving product quality and customer service capabilities. so the yield of touch business has steadily increased and the profitability has improved steadily.

“two-engine” development strategy

ofilm’s main business is optics and smart car. and its main business products include micro-camera modules, touch screens and touch display full-lamination modules, fingerprint recognition modules, electronic products and services of smart car. and all of these are widely used in consumer electronics and smart cars which are represented by smart phones, tablet computers, smart cars and wearable electronics.

faced with the rapid change of electronics technology, ofilm is aggressive to grasp the opportunities offered by industrial upgrading, persists in promoting customer-oriented business strategies. the rapid development of new products and new businesses has driven ofilm's overall revenue and profits to achieve rapid growth.

accelerate the innovation and change consolidate the leading position in the optical industry

global and chinese smart phones have entered the era of stock innovation. technology upgrades are the driving force for the industry's continued growth. the market's demand for innovative and differentiated products is increasing, giving enterprises with innovative technologies, research and development capabilities and mass production many opportunities.

micro-camera module

ofilm improved the automation of production line and increased the research and development of high-end modules, which effectively increased the manufacturing strength of the camera module. and the proportion of dual-camera module shipments increased rapidly, and the share of flagship models of major domestic customers continued to increase.

through the acquisition of south china's sony electronics factory, ofilm's camera module business has successfully entered the international customer supply chain system and obtained a lot of core patented technologies.

in the first half of 2018, the camera module business achieved revenue of 10.236 billion yuan, ups 54.30﹪ year-over-year, and semi-annual shipments was approximately 245 million yuan, ups 23﹪ year-over-year.

the touch display products

ofilm continues to take advantage of its industry leadership, on the basis of maintaining its traditional business advantages, relies on its own capabilities of innovation and product design, it researches and develops some products like flexible membrane touch induction layer, 3d touch sensitive layer, 3d full-lamination, grasping the opportunities of the return of external touch methods under oled.

on the other hand, the yield of touch business of some international customers has steadily increased, their share has further increased, and their profitability has been continuously strengthened.

in the first half of 2018, the touch display module business achieved revenue of 5.654 billion yuan, ups 6.81﹪ year-over-year.

sensor products

with the development of the bezel-less screen of smart phones, 3d face recognition and under-screen fingerprint recognition came into being, and became one of the mainstream ways of unlocking mobile phones.

ofilm is preemptively developing 3dsensing, under-screen optics and ultrasonic fingerprint recognition modules, makes good use of its advantages of scale and resource integration. and biometric identification industry is expected to enter a new turn of growth cycle.

in the half of 2018, the sensor business achieved revenue of 1.97 billion yuan.

actively develop smart car new product are expected to be mass-produced during the year

with the improvement of electronic technology, control technology and the perfection of industrial chain, in the future, the automobile will be intelligence, electrification and sharing. since 2015, ofilm has comprehensively been developing smart car and internet of vehicles, created a new “two-wheel drive” engine, promoted the coordinated development of business structure, and promoted enterprise upgrades through the innovation technologies and business model. in the first half of this year, the smart car business achieved of 207 million yuan, ups 61.55﹪ year-over-year. at present, ofilm has become a major supplier to many domestic automobile manufacturers.

ofilm actively develops new products, including vehicle display module, instrument central control integrated host, streaming media rearview mirror system, vehicle fingerprint recognition system, etc. through the introduction of professional talents and the increasing investment in research, ofilm has its own automatic driving technology. and it is expected to mass production of products with valet parking during the year.

ofilm will continue to increase investment in capital and talents in smart car. ofilm will gradually develop smart cars from hardware to software and from product manufacturing to content services, and it is striving to create the second growth pole after consumer electronics.

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