guangdong top 500 enterprises released in 2019, ofilm won two awards
release time:2019-08-29

on the morning of august 29, the 2009 top 500 guangdong enterprises publishing conference sponsored by guangdong enterprise federation and guangdong entrepreneur association was held in guangzhou. the conference officially issued a series of lists of "top 500 guangdong enterprises 2019" and "top 100 guangdong innovation 2019".

ofilm, along with ping an, huawei and huarun, ranked 55th in the list of "top 500 enterprises in guangdong province in 2019", ranking up from last year. at the same time, with outstanding achievements in independent research and development, scientific and technological innovation and other aspects, ofilm was successfully selected as the "top 100 guangdong innovation" list in 2019.

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