spring is here, the future is waiting!
release time:2020-03-20

every seed that survives the winter

all have a dream about spring

march 20 • vernal equinox

day and night are equal

as the sun warms, so does spring

everything goes into growth

the flowers are beginning to bloom and the grass and trees are budding

follow the cycle of the seasons

the spring of ofilm had crept in

the park radiates infinite warmth and vitality

spring has come and the flowers are in full bloom

one thousand flowers and one hundred flowers compete for the charm of spring

layer upon layer thin fold, dance much appearance

the quiet ofilm garden district is bursting into bloom

to a promise of spring

spring comes from this beautiful garden

like the spirit of love everywhere

every plant is on the dark breast of the earth

waking from a dream of hibernation

the air was scented with the scent of flowers

the scent of the flowers filled the air with the warmth of spring

the grass is green and the trees are shady

if flowers can give people unlimited reverie

then leaves can give people infinite hope

when the first green shoots out of the branches

is a new life, also with endless hope

the little grass we don't notice

from the fragrance of the earth in the pure fragrance

with its tenacious life

decorate a vibrant ofilm

branches fluttering in the wind

struggling to show its tenacious vitality

the bird stood on the branch

singing the message of spring

with anti - epidemic, welcome back to work

follow in the footsteps of spring

ofilm stepped up work and production

march toward a more glorious journey

when the battle against the epidemic is won

let's take off our masks and embrace&smile

feel the most gorgeous spring of ofilm together

spring is here, the future is waiting

i'll wait for you at ofilm

enjoy the spring flowers

create a better future

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