if numbers could speak, 0 2 26 2000 26023=?
release time:2020-03-28

"number" said the way the war epidemic came

to brave the wind and the waves


as a scientific, accurate symbol of measurement

it's often more intuitive and powerful

if numbers could speak

ofilm was using a set of numbers that stuck out

between the epidemic prevention and control and the resumption of production

demonstrate the responsibility and responsibility of the world's leading consumer electronics companies

since the outbreak of covid-19

ofilm strictly implement the national epidemic prevention deployment

establish an outbreak control team headed by the chairman

we held several meetings on epidemic prevention and control

formulate detailed epidemic prevention and control operation manual

coordinate efforts to prevent and control the epidemic,and to resume work and production

to achieve the overall goal of "zero infection, zero cases" in all parks

ofilm practices with practical actions

the enterprise responsibility and responsibility of "grasping the prevention and control of production with one hand"

liu qi, secretary of jiangxi provincial party committee, yin meigen, secretary of nanchang municipal party committee, etc

provincial and municipal leaders have visited ofilm

thumb up epidemic prevention and control and the resumption of production work

cctv news, xinhua news agency, xinhua net, etc

a number of mainstream media to ofilm science orderly epidemic prevention measures

conduct three-dimensional publicity and promotion

to ensure safe and orderly return to work

ofilm actively unites with relevant government departments

a series of measures such as "special plane, special train and special bus" were introduced

start "point to point, one-stop" delivery service

actively promote the resumption of work, production and speed up

ofilm actively undertakes social responsibilities

the first time donated 20 million yuan

and emergency medical masks and other supplies

it is incumbent on us to contribute orpheus to epidemic prevention and control

from february 19, ofilm capital contribution in batches

for all returning and new employees

free nucleic acid testing

add a "protective shield" for scientific and orderly resumption of work

up to now, has accumulated for the staff

free nucleic acid testing 26,023 times

0 2 26 2000 26023=?

did you do the math right?

this is not a simple math problem

the numbers coalesce behind them

the efforts and persistence of countless ofilm employees

vegetation tendrils, spring hills

the results have not come easily and the fighting continues

let's press the "speed up" button to resume production.

run at full speed towards your goal

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