the deputy secretary of guangming district party working committee together with the group investigate our shenzhen park
release time:2016-08-15

in the afternoon of august 8th, kuang bing, the deputy secretary of guangming district party working committee and director of the management committee, lead a team to inspect the shenzhen campus of our company, and coordinately solve the problems occurred in the construction of our new campus.

in that afternoon, the party lead by kuang bing came to our company to visit the office space and production workshop. at the following symposium, vice president xuan li made an introduction of the company development in detail. ofilm is an indigenous enterprise of guangming district, which has r&d bases at home and abroad and will launch efforts in new industries such as intelligent cars, smart city and vehicle networking, to build a hundred million level enterprises. currently, ofilm is forging the program of science & technology park in guangming district.

at the symposium, the party got to know the problems in road and water consumption occurred in the construction of the ofilm new campus. kuang bing commented that, ofilm is a native-born enterprise of guangming district, which, after years of efforts, has developed into a national high-tech enterprise and thus made great contribution for the economic development of this district. the relevant departments of the district shall involve in serving the enterprise ahead of time, enhance the communication and coordination with the enterprise actively, and offer full support for the construction of the new campus, helping the company to grow stronger and bigger.

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