ofilm successfully took control of cetc-motor speeding up its arrangement in automobile intelligence industry
release time:2016-08-30

the company received the shanghai united assets and equity exchange's evidence for property rights transaction and property transaction contract of shanghai municipality sent by shanghai united assets and equity exchange. the acquisition of cetc-motor's shares and the procedures of transferring state shares have been approved by state property management administration. the shares have been listed on shanghai united assets and equity exchange and have been transferred successfully.

according to the agreement, the company's wholly-owned subsidiary shanghai ofilm intelligent vehicular networking technology co., ltd bought 70 percent of cetc-motor's equity ( 45 percent of the equity owned by 32, 6 percent of the equity owned by east china computer, 19 percent of the equity owned by shanghai sat investment co., ltd ) and 48 percent of the equity owned by nanjing tianqing (33 percent of the equity owned by 32, 15 percent of the equity owned by 14) through cash payment. the grand total of equity transfer is 168.24 million yuan.

after the completion of equity transfer, cetc-motor and nanjing tianqing will become the company's wholly-owned subsidiaries. relying on their customer resources and qualifications in auto industry, and their products and technology in automotive electronics, the company will quicken its strategic layout in automobile intelligence industry.

cetc-motor is one of the few domestic enterprises that have mature clients, solid product platforms and core technology in both automotive electronics and vehicle bus industry. its products cover many fields such as body electronics, active and passive safety, energy control, vehicular networking, etc. among these products, body control module and car gateway are responsible for the intelligent vehicle alarm system and the control of the vehicle's doors, windows, lamps, chairs and above all bus data. in the market of domestically-produced rear-view cameras, cetc-motor, shenzhen longhorn and zhuhai coligen jointly have a monopoly on the market. in market development, cetc-motor has covered the business in oem with domestic mainstream self-owned brand. it's gradually entering global brand supporting system such as gm. being a factory-installed product manufacturer that owns more than 20 high quality oems, the company is saicmotor's strategic partner and baicgroup's key supplier. it maintains long-term close cooperative relationship with customers such as gagc group, jac, shanghai gm, etc.

nanjing tianqing is specialized in the r& d, manufacturing, selling and services of automotive electronic product. its product ranges include body network planning, body control system, motormeter, integrated display system, collision-avoidance radar, vehicle location terminal, vehicle monitoring and dispatching system, etc.  it owns many patents in automotive electronics.

this acquisition has improved the company's product line in automotive electronic industry.  more importantly, excellent qualification and teams that rely on cetc-motor and nanjing tianqing have been imported into other product lines. relevant people pointed out that the biggest problem electronic hardware manufacturers encounter when entering automotive electronics is the supply channels of oem. they can only become second or third-tier suppliers, having a weak voice and little dominance. this acquisition will help the company further improve its layout in automotive electronics. with cetc-motor's mature products, customer resources and qualification, the company will cross the industry's threshold and win the qualification of being the supplier of downstream vehicle manufacturers, completing another strategic layout in automobile intelligence.

furthermore, cetc-motor's body control module and car gateway are responsible for the intelligent vehicle alarm system and the control of the vehicle's doors, windows, lamps, chairs and above all bus data. relying on cetc-motor, the company will proficiently handle sensor, vehicle bus data acquisition and other segments, summarize a large amount of vehicle data, establish cooperation with third party administrators and build up commercial internet operation model.

as a major producer and seller of automobiles, china has a strong demand for automobile accessories. however, domestic automobile electronic industry started late. adas and telematics are still at introduction stage and growth stage. currently, domestic manufacturer such as bosch, continental ag, valeo, delphi, visteon and so on have claimed a relatively large share of the domestic automotive electronic market, particularly factory-installed products such body control system and engine control. a domestic manufacturer of automotive electronics still has some disparities with foreign manufacturers in areas such as technological accumulation and experience. currently, the number of domestic automobile electronic enterprises stands at around 1000. enterprises' scale is not large. they are starting from almost the same line in terms of technology. market competition is in a mess.

being an industry leader in areas such as touch screen system, imaging system, biological recognition system, etc, the company has great relevance to intelligent car business and has unique hardware advantage in entering intelligent car field. focusing on control panesl, car cameras, intelligent driving products, intelligent products control, internet hardware and the upgrading of traditional automotive electronics, the company lays its emphasis on the layout in 4 main product lines. combining its touch screen technology, imaging technology and biological recognition technology, the company has finally formed a high cost-effective intelligent automobile system that integrates intelligence, safety and user experience. it becomes a core supplier in intelligent automotive industry and a competitive first-class international brand.

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