ofilm’s innovative time-of-flight 3d sensing system for robotic vacuums
release time:2020-11-04

at the product launch of xiaomi’s latest generation of robot vacuum cleaners, the mijia 1t, ofilm’s newly designed and commercialized obstacle avoidance system was given its first successful demo.

△ s-cross 3d obstacle avoidance technology

the ofilm system integrates front time-of-flight (tof) cameras and a 3d sensor suite to achieve high performance both in distance measurement and obstacle avoidance. the mijia robot vacuum will be the first product on the market to deploy a mass-produced tof 3d module. ofilm and its partners pmd technologies ag and infineon technologies ag are proud to contribute to this next step in intelligent autonomous home cleaning devices.

△ 3d  vslam visual navigation technology

the ofilm system relies on photonic signals. this allows significant performance increase compared to infrared distance sensing and obstacle avoidance. the mijia 1t, with ofilm’s module, also achieves significant gains in “visual simultaneous localization and mapping” (slam).

in developing this new solution for the robot vacuum industry, ofilm draws on three-plus years of experience in the design and mass manufacture of sophisticated 3d sensing solutions for the global smartphone industry.  ofilm is currently the largest manufacturer in china of 3d sensor modules, with shipments of over 85 million units a month in 2020.

in ofilm’s judgment, robot vacuums may be just the beginning. the potential use cases for advanced, competitively-priced 3d sensing technology and modules are extensive. embedded vision will be an important technology in years to come.

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