ofilm’s vapor chamber technology r&d is enabling improved thermal management in smartphones
release time:2020-12-04

ofilm’s r&d is contributing new technologies to make smartphones thinner, lighter and less likely to overheat. the company’s latest step forward is developing and now bringing into mass production ultra-thin 0.3mm vapor chamber heat dissipation assemblies, a first in china.

vapor chambers are designed to provide essential thermal solutions in the most limited spaces. vapor chambers run at lower system temperatures, with less noise and vibration than conventional cooling systems used in smartphones. vapor chambers can effectively conduct heat 10 to 50 times more efficiently than solid metal structures.

result – smartphones may grow thinner with each new generation, while staying cooler even while handling ever more quickly more complex computing tasks.

ofilm is the first company in china to pioneer and bring into scale manufacturing finely-etched microstructures that reduce overall vapor chamber assembly thickness by as much as fifty microns. an important benefit of this is less use of costly materials, leading to lower cost for better performing heat management systems for smartphones.

until recently, mainly only top-of-the-line flagship phones – including those sold by oppo, huawei, vivo -- used vapor chamber technology. ofilm’s technical advances bring the cost down so that vapor chambers can now be built into a far wider variety of smartphones, including mid-to-low end models.

ofilm’s malleable vapor chamber structural design and manufacturing allow for more flexible heat dissipation architectures inside a smartphone. this can too enhance phone performance and user-experience.

ofilm’s r&d efforts are on schedule to deliver an even thinner vapor chamber to the smartphone industry, shaving a further six microns off the chamber height without impacting performance.

by utilizing ofilm’s technical expertise in vapor chamber assemblies, ofilm’s smartphone customers are achieving the next level of processing speed and power in the same or even reduced space.

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