ofilm’s investment in american odg strategically gains its foothold in ar
release time:2016-09-10

based on the strategic demands on cutting-edge vr/ar, ofilm and its largest shareholder and actual controller, cai rongjun, have jointly invested osterhout design group (odg) with their trust on odg’s ar technologies and its effective team. the outbound investment totals usd. 20 million, of which 10 million came from ofilm and cai, taking up about 6.67% of odg’s share after the investment.

founded in 1999 and headquartered in san francisco, odg is a top ar company, revolutionizing the high-tech ar industry by integrating high-performance electronics. over 10 years, the company has invested tens of millions of dollars in head worn computing industry. today, it is changing the world of computing with its augmented reality smart glasses which can be massively produced. it has had a long and successful history with heads up displays and wearable computing. according to some reports, microsoft used to invest 150 million dollars to purchase assets and patens from it. working closely with the strong team and corporate partners, it has developed and delivered multicore, cellular based handheld biometric computers; man-packable, highly portable servers; miniature uavs; and multiple versions of smart glasses.

odg’s smart glasses are equipped with highly portable head worn calculation, the system to strengthen reality and all the functions that a pad possesses. owning inclusive patents in photoelectric technology and its independently developed reticle operating system (based on android kitkat), the glasses can produce extremely clear images and amazing 3d reality experience, forming the unique smart glasses which are protected by patents and combined with strengthened reality and virtual reality. odg has implemented the mass production of r-7/r9 glasses, and continued to develop the improved smart ones. concerning the ar smart glasses, odg has transformed its technologies into products earlier than its competitors including holo lens and meta in silicon valley and its products are more portable and small without connection with a computer. therefore, the smart glasses have been titled “the global best ar glasses” for several times by influential institutions.

ar/vr is likely to become an enormous computing platform and its market is increasingly rocketing to sky for it creates a hot business field. according to the newly published “semi- annual expenditure report on global ar & vr” by idc, brand-new economic hard devices make ar/va available to an increasingly number of corporations and individuals. in a few years, developers will create abundant experiences for these equipments, thus revolutionizing people’s working styles. the annual revenue growth rate of global ar/vr market is expected to rise to181.3% in 2015-2020, with the revenue reaching 1.62 million in 2020;and its hardware sales revenue is going to take up over 50% of the globe’ total sum.

since 2016, ofilm has established extensive cooperation with thriving companies in ar/vr based on its technological advantages in optics and optoelectronics, and has completed its investment in usens and is on the way to invest nurulize. in the meantime, it maintains intimately strategic cooperative ties with the above two companies headquartered in silicon valley. after the investment in odg, we will draw a clear blueprint and cooperate widely with dod about vr/ar to seize the huge market opportunity, contributing to boosting ofilm’s competiveness comprehensively. this smart investment is promising and significant, which is in line with our strategic development.

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