ofilm appears on 2016 ces carrying advanced technology
release time:2016-01-06

from 6th to 9th in january, 2016, the annual event ces was held in las vegas, us, in which over 3600 companies from more than 150 countries and regions displayed their products. ofilm made its high-profile launches by carrying its cutting-edge technology in touch screen, camera module, biometric module and automotive electronics, which aroused widespread attention from the market.

on the show, the cars in ofilm exhibition booth attracted public attention. ofilm cooperated with baic bjev powerfully, whose intelligent vehicle series product was displayed in coordination with the automobiles of bjev, and became one of the biggest highlights of the show. ofilm established multi-cooperation to deeply excavate in the intelligent vehicle network, aiming to build the system for automobile central control, intelligent driving, human-computer interaction and car inter-connection. the automobile ccs and adas cooperatively displayed by the two companies is one of ofilm’s major directions of development.

as a global leading enterprise in the touch screen industry, ofilm displayed its new technique in touch screen production. with years’ hard work in the field of touch screen, ofilm has accumulated rich experiences, integrating the supply chains in ito, glass cover and lcm. its touch screen products have been widely applied in mobile phones, computers, industrial control and automobiles, which can be as thin as 0.48mm and can be without borders. ofilm offers complete customization of glass cover in shape, printing effect, mirror effect, 2.5d and 3d effect. the width of the sensor in graphic metal mesh can be 1.3u.

fingerprint cover plate, vivo detection and ifs programme were also the major products for the display. ofilm took the lead in integrating the whole industrial chain in the world, being the first and largest module supplier in china. ofilm established its leadership in fingerprint identification industry globally by conducting research in such advanced fingerprint technology as ifs capacitor, ifs ultrasonic wave, security chip and vivo detection based on biometrics.

ofilm also exhibited camera ois, dual camera, mems dual camera, eie algorithm, etc. it established five research centers in nanchang, taiwan, us, japan and korea successively, along with comprehensive r&d system like mems, lens, sensor, vcm and software development. the high-end series image modules including eie, pdaf, ois, dual camera, iris recognition and 3d have also been developed in succession. the shipments of company in 2015 have broken the number of 200 million. ofilm built the only one entirely-automatic production line in 2015. relying on the consistent innovation of powerful technological r&d team, ofilm is offering the customers with cost-effective new products and excellent user experience.

at present, ofilm has formed a favorable layout in mobile internet terminal. to look forward, ofilm will integrate the cutting-edge technologies in touch display, camera module and biometrics around the world, and keep expanding in the field of smart automobile, intelligent city, and intelligent home furnishing, with the expectation to maintain its leadership in the technological development and improve the core competitive ability.

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