ofilm made a profit after experiencing great losses fingerprint identification and automobile electronics got the baton and started to grow
release time:2016-02-26

【reprinted from industrial securities】

the company issued its annual report of 2015

on february 26th of 2016, the company issued its annual report of 2015 and achieved gross revenue of 18.482 billion yuan, down 5.14% percent from the same period last year; its affiliated listed company paid a net profit of 0.48 billion yuan to its shareholders, down 29.55 percent from the same period last year. eps is 0.47 yuan.

major factors affecting financial performance are:

1) with the slowed growth in the sales volume of smart phones and tablet computers, the intensified competition in touch products market, and direct procurement of panel boards by the customers, touch screen business declined. this led to a decrease in the company's gross revenue;

2) rmb depreciated, which led to exchange loss.

3) investment in new business and its related r&d expenditure increased.

fingerprint identification business has increased rapidly, and arrangement of automobile electronics is the focus of the next wave of development:

currently, camera module and fingerprint recognition module are ofilm's highlight of profit growth. fingerprint recognition module is growing rapidly. currently, ofilm claims 60-70 percent of china's smartphone market. in the future, ofilm's market penetration rate will increase from 15 percent in 2016 to 60 percent. ofilm's total capacity is 10 million sets per month. it's the world's largest fingerprint recognition module manufacturer and will be the primary manufacturer that benefits from it in the future.

furthermore, the company continues to push forward its arrangement of automobile electronics. hardware product is still based on old products. through extensional arrangement of software business, the company is able to provide automobile electronics, vehicular networking and related service in the future. automobile electronics is expected to replace mobilephones as ofilm's next main battiefield 3 years later.

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