39 institutions jointly surveyed ofilm
release time:2016-02-27

【reprinted from sohu public platform】on february 27th, 39 institutions such as congrongfund, hsfund, chinaminsen, cifm, gemboom all carried out an investigation into ofilm:

1. introduction of the company's operational conditions

currently, the company's main business focuses on consumer electronics. over the last few years, smartphone shipments were gradually increasing, while card phone shipments were continuously declining. the company's business shifted from infrared end filter to touch screen, ccm, fingerprint recognition, etc. in terms of revenue, the company experienced both revenue growth and profit drop in 2011. after the performance hit the bottom, the company restored growth to its profits. currently, the company's shipments of touch screens ranks no 1 in the world. its shipments of fingerprint recognition module ranks no 1 in china, while its shipments of ccm ranks among the top 3 in china.

2. ccm business

the product structure of ccm is continuously optimizatized, while the proportion of high-resolution products is increasing. in the first half of 2015, the shipments of ccm were primarily low-resolution products. in the latter half of the year, the shipments of ccm were primarily high-resolution products. with people's increasingly high requirements for mobile telephone photography, the original single camera can no longer meet their needs. with better focus and image quality, dual camera can create 3-d images. it's expected to be the trend of development. the company is optimistic of dual camera module. having industry-leading hardware encapsulation and algorithms, the company is working hard to achieve production in bulk in 2016.

3. fingerprint recognition business

with the rise of mobile payment and the widespread use of identity recognition, the company made arrangement actively in biometric industry and established the largest fingerprint recognition factory in asia. it also established and assembled a face recognition algorithm and fingerprint identification algorithm team. fingerprint identification module already achieved production in bulk in the latter half of 2015. ofilm is the chief supplier of almost all fingerprint identification modules on domestic models.

4. automobile electronics and automatic drive

in the future, automobile intelligence will be the trend in the market. a research report projects that autonomous vehicles will claim 13 percent of the market share by 2025, among which 12.4 percent is partially automatic vehicle and 0.6 percent is fullly automatic vehicle. currently, ofilm has introduced many high-end professionals in automotive field from america, japan, south korea, etc. it has also established r&d and sales center in areas such as america, europe, etc.

automatic drive is divided into 4 levels. level-1 is single function; level-2 is multi-function composite (automatic drive on specific carriageways of the expressway); level-3 is partially liberate the driver (automatic drive and lane change on future's expressway); level-4 is fully liberate the driver. currently, what ofilm is doing is between level-2 and level-3.

in automatic drive field, shanghai o-field has 4 advantages:

1) adas core algorithm r&d team that has rich experience;

2) strong adas system integration capability;

3) the team has experience of adas volume production;

4) massive investment in r&d and production to establish leading 6-axis automatic focusing production line of vehicle camera. automation rate reaches 90 percent.

with the implementation of europe's e-ncap plan, adas has gradually become a 5-star evaluation criterion. china is expected to launch its e-ncap plan in 2 years. maximum probability also requires adas to be a standard configuration of a 5-star evaluation criteria. adas system is expected to see an accelerated growth in the rate of penetration into complete vehicles. in terms of market development, our promotion of adas products will start from homegrown brands to overseas market.our business model will be hardware algorithm module.

in terms of intelligent central control, ofilm's product planning includes digital meter, central control system and intelligent cockpit. in this year's display of ces, our products that have integrated 3 screens, namely digital meter panel, central control panel and amusement panel in passenger seat have gained praise from numerous complete vehicle manufacturers, as well as exclusive fixed-point development contract from domestic mainstream complete vehicle manufacturers.

apart from high-end products that have integrated 3 screens, the company has also developed digital meter panel and 8-12 inches low-end centrally controlled navigation system to meet various customers' needs. these mid-products all use capacitive touch screens manufactured by ofilm itself.

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