ofilm secured a strong position in a multi-billion market again capital joined forces to enter factory-installed products
release time:2016-02-24

【reprinted from sunrise display and touch】in china's longly subdued capacitive touch panel industry, manufacturing enterprises are having a limited revenue growth and condensed profit due to the cost reduction. it's their cardinal task to explore new application scenarios for the product that has high market penetration rate and mature technology. whoever makes a breakthrough in new application market will reap strong rewards again from the market.

when capacitive touch panel is heading for its doom in its application to the other 2 screens of "the 3 screens"——computers and tv, the automobile control panel, as a outsider of "the 3 screens", is unquestionably important to capacitive touch panel industry.

on february 24th 2016, ofilm announced that it bought 100 percent of senseg's equities where the purchase consideration was around 1.43 million euros. at the same time, ofilm injected 1.87 million euros into senseg to repay senseg's debt and maintain its operation. senseg is a technology company that owns basic patents and samples of electrostatic haptic feedback and focuses on developing electrostatic haptic feedback.

ofilm said that senseg is a pioneer in electrostatic haptic feedback. focusing on giving touch screens a touch of reality, senseg provides an entirely new user experience. electrostatic haptic feedback has a bright future in areas such as vehicle touch screen and consumer electronics. if it's adopted by terminal clients, it's expected to bring new market demands.

currently, ofilm not only takes advantage of its layout in hardware encapsulation and algorithm to expand its dual camera module business, but also uses biometric identification research institute to assemble a face recognition algorithm and fingerprint identification algorithm team to make strategic arrangement in fingerprint identification module and biological recognition business. other highlights are automobile electronics and automatic drive.

in automobile electronics, ofilm also plans intelligent mid-products such as digital meter, central control system and intelligent cockpit, etc. products that can be displayed currently include products that have integrated the 3 screens, namely digital meter panel, central control panel and amusement panel in passenger seat. ofilm has already obtained exclusive and fixed-point development contracts from domestic mainstream complete vehicle manufacturers. apart from high-end products that have integrated 3 screens, ofilm also develops a series of products such as digital meter panel and 8-12 inches low-end centrally controlled navigation system to meet various customers' needs. these mid-products all use capacitive touch screens manufactured by ofilm itself.

the acquisition of senseg will improve user experience of ofilm's vehicle capacitive screen and help ofilm gain market access. from ofilm's  autonomous algorithm to adas system in hardware module, from homegrown brands to expansion in overseas markets, ofilm will also reap huge profits from its factory-installed vehicle capacitive screen, micro camera module, and fingerprint recognition module.

in factory-installed capacitive screen market, the challenge manufacturers are faced with currently is how to overcome the operational instability brought about by complex environment such as temperature difference and interference of the vehicle's electronic noise. after the acquisition of senseg's electrostatic haptic feedback, ofilm will gain the recognition of end users by improving hardware's reliability and enter a new multi-billion blue ocean market. this allows ofilm to gain an enormous market opportunity in touch screen and display business.

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