ofilm gains three awards once again in the value selection of listing corporation in china
release time:2014-09-30

in sep.18 2014, on the summit forum and awarding ceremony of “value selection of the listing corporation in china” and “selection of the best fund managers in china”, ofilm was awarded “top 10 management team of chinese sme board listing corporation, “top 10 most growth value of chinese sme board listing corporation” and “top 10 of top 50 value of chinese sme board listing corporation”.

the selection activity, held by both securities times and china fund journal, authoritatively guided by china's listing corporation association, is the most authoritative, most influential and one of the selection activities which are most valued by the listing corporation. in recent years, ofilm has maintained a rapid growth, with r&d capabilities enhance continuously and brand influence improving steadily. according to these performances, a number of institutions have given a high degree of evaluation to the development of our company. with outstanding business achievement, good management level, excellent management team and excellent performance in the market, ofilm stands out from many of the candidates.

in the selection of “top 50 value of chinese sme board listing corporation, ping an securities gives such an evaluation that ofilm has successfully transformed into a platform manufacturing enterprises, whose constantly broadening product categories and excellent execution and r&d strength makes it continuously success.

in the selection of top 10 management teams, hong yuan securities described ofilm with following words: the management team of ofilm, whose backbone managers are after 70 and 80, is one of the youngest management in the a-share market. “being good at grasping market opportunities and daring to invest generously” is characteristic management idea of ofilm, which is created by its management team in the full vigor of life.

in recent years, ofilm maintains high investment in important technical fields and achieved a lot of developments such as ultra-thin and non-frame tp technology, metal mash technology, integration technology of tp and display module, low-resistance ito flexible conductive thin film technology, ultra-thin and anti-shake camera technology and optical zoom technology etc. these technologies make technical preparation for the subsequent development of the company, and have initially established industry status of the global mainstream supplier in touch system solutions and digital imaging system.

winning three awards in the selection is the affirmation given by the community for our long-term norms operation and steady development. in the future, we will continue to deepen the brand, marketing, technology, internal control and other aspects of management, to enhance the sustainable profitability, striving to become a respected high-tech enterprise in the world.

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