ofilm ranking in 100 superior enterprises
release time:2015-10-20

on dec.15, the list of the 100 superior enterprise had been published, in which ofilm was the sixteenth superior enterprise. it could be indicated that ofilm be one of the best enterprises.

since from 2003, the shenzhen joint association and the shenzhen business newspaper had been holding the 100 superior enterprises of shenzhen,which was like the “chinese 500 superior enterprises”. this list had been the most famous activity, which is on the base of the enterprise’s real situation and the taking in shenzhen.

as the biggest electronics products offering base, shenzhen is in high speed in mobile telephone producing industry. on the beginning of 2015, the mobile telephone industry was low in taking comparing with the other industry. however, ofilm is so outstanding that the taking be published and surprises all of the people in this field. in recent days, ofilm is busy in opening up the field of the smart city and the smart cars, which can make ofilm be a more important and successful enterprise.

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