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release time:2015-12-30

recent days, sipo published the list of the national intellectual property superior enterprises, in which ofilm was placed.

sipo recognized the national intellectual property superior enterprises, whose purpose was to promote the awareness and speed up the development of the enterprise. through which we can get a series of backbone enterprise with the independent intellectual property rights and a highly competitive international enterprises.

ofilm insisted on the technological innovation positively, resulting in the rapid increasing numbers of the patent application. end to the october 2015, ofilm had applied two thousand and forty-nine patents (contains one thousand five hundred and sixty-two biodiesel patents, four hundred and eighty-seven patents abroad), among which one thousand one hundred and twelve patents had been authorized. in which, there were three hundred and sixty-one invention patents and seven hundred and fifty-one patents of utility model.

in recent years, ofilm positively had answered the call of the national intellectual property’s policy and made great efforts to advance the management system of the national intellectual property.

awarded by sipo, ofilm should be more confident to go on the intellectual property policy, which is also significant that ofilm be in high-speed way in the national intellectual property.

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