ofilm gave a splendid performance in 2015 c-touch
release time:2015-12-25

on nov.25 to 27, the 2015 c-touch film china was successfully held at the exhibition center of shenzhen. the heavy show of ofilm in c-touch leaves an unforgettable memories, which is the most important company in c-touch film’s field.

as the most grand meeting of the touching film in the world, the 2015 c-touch film china has attracted much attention from many companies in the industry. the meeting covers the manufacturing chain of the touching world, which is in the core of the new technologies and new productions such as the diaphragm sensing element, the module and the touch monitor.

the bbs of high-tech content and the seminar coming with the meeting provide platform-level support for opening up eyes and communicating with each other companies, which could also help companies build a strong connection and seek cooperation easily.

among all of the companies, ofilm is no-doubt the most remarkable one. ofilm is an international company focusing on the smart terminals,which is founded on august,2002 and announced its public listing successfully on august,2010 in shenzhen stock exchange. the main products include tp, ccm and the touch id. this company is trying to take an advantage in smart city field and the smart car, which in china, american, japan, korean, hongkong and taiwan has its branches.

emergence of nervous new products and technologies were brought by ofilm to attend this meeting, such as the ccm and the modules in touching world, the smart city, the smart cars and the useful applications in internet and the military. of course, ofilm gave an perfect performance in c-touch.

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