2016 ofilm“ten-year contribution awards”ceremony successfully wraps up
release time:2016-01-23

on the morning of january 23th and 26th, 2016 ofilm “ten-year contribution awards” ceremony is held respectively in nanchang base and shenzhen base. chairman of the company leads the core management cadres to the scene to send their blessings for the award-winners.

ofilm, which launched in 2002, has been running for over 13 years. many colleagues joined ofilm at the beginning of its development. till 2015, another 18 colleagues have accompanied this firm’s development for as long as 10 years. throughout the 10 years, they grew together with the company, witnessing its growth and transformation, contributing their own share to the company. for what they’ve done, ofilm endowed them the honor of “ten-year contribution awards”.

in the awarding ceremony, the chairman presents the award-winners with gold medals and takes photos with them one by one. each winner shares by video what they felt and thought about this ten-year journey with ofilm.

tan zhenlin, the coo of the group gives his speech in the ceremony. he says, “it is an honor for me to grow together with ofilm. thanks ofilm for offering me an excellent platform to perform to the best of my ability. these years, ofilm is advancing by leaps and bounds. so far, the layout of company’s production line has almost been completed. it can be foreseen that there lies a wholly bright future for our company. ten-year is a new start, and for the next ten years, i hope to walk together with ofilm, shoulder by shoulder. wish ofilm to develop better and better! ”

the chairman affirms the accomplishments achieved by the company, and expresses his gratitude for the colleagues working industriously on different posts. meanwhile, he comments that the alumni should accept new challenges and assume new tasks since we cannot stand still.

“throughout the development of the electronic information industry, 2015 has been the toughest year, and the economical environment of 2016 can be worse. what constitutes an extreme contrast is that some enterprises just get accepted to this situation, which cannot see the fierce fighting in the competition, cannot hear the courageous scream of front teams, and still cannot smell the smog of ‘gunpowder’. in regard to this situation, we need to make our change in 2016.

the new business of ofilm has been launched. we will keep innovating our technology and expanding new areas to ensure the rapid growth of the company. talents is the guarantee of our expansion. some employees are progressing fast while some cannot keep up with the requirements of the company. we do have top talents, but it is the middle-level cadres that need to find their target and path to advance rapidly.

the future of our company relies on all of you here. however, most of the cadres have been stalling in where they are. the learning ability is extremely important and critical, which requires our cadres to keep firmly in mind. as the mainstays of our company, you should have stricter self demands and clearer targets to direct your efforts. in future work, i hope the presents can play an exemplary role to keep moving ahead and carry on the spirit of dedication and innovation to create greater success!”

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