wuhan party & government delegation visits nanchang ofilm
release time:2016-03-05

on the afternoon of february 29th, the delegations of the 4th chamber of commerce for the capital cities in urban agglomeration of the middle reaches of yangtze river visit and inspect nanchang separately to see the new appearance of nanchang. the wuhan delegation comes to ofilm tech co., ltd for visit and gets to know the development of high-tech enterprises in nanchang.

accompanied by the chairman, the delegation takes visit in park no.1 of nanchang manufacturing base and has a detailed understanding of the competitive industries, technology advantage and development strategy of ofilm. ofilm has formed an integrated industrial cluster focusing on touch panel, camera, liquid crystal display, fingerprint identification, intelligent automobile network and smart city. its main products include: tp, hd micro camera, hd display module, which endow ofilm a prominent position in relevant products all over the world.

the delegation communicates with the chairman while they are touring the park, to know the technological innovation, market expansion and long-range planning of ofilm. they express their admiration for the company’s innovative development, especially the rapid speed of development.

when touring the access channel of the workshop, the delegation inquires about the production condition with keen interest. members of the delegation comment that, the workshop has a high degree of automation, which corresponds to the demand of the integration of information and industrialization, as advocated by the government.  “we’ve heard this concept in so many slogans, though few can been seen from the factories. and today i see it in your factory, which is really astounding! ”

as the fourth economic pole in china, the four capital cities in urban agglomeration of the middle reaches of yangtze river have made progress in many areas since their integration, which are unfolding a scroll for win-win cooperation. with the acceleration of the integration process, cooperation of the four cities in special areas is more worth pursuing.

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