shenzhen ofilm awarded national high-tech enterprise
release time:2016-02-10

recently, shenzhen ofilm tech co., ltd has passed the authentication of “national high-tech enterprise”.

according to the provisions of measures for the identification and management of high and new technology enterprises issued by the ministry of science and technology, ministry of finance and the state administration of taxation, ofilm passed the certification of “national high-tech enterprise” at one stroke, with its superb r&d strength and excellent innovative ability. the experts from shenzhen municipal science and technology innovation committee, municipal finance commission, municipal bureau of state taxation and municipal local taxation bureau participated in the rigorous layers of review. the title “national high-tech enterprise” is the highest honor the country awards an enterprise in the evaluation of its scientific and technological innovative ability, which requires the enterprise to possess a series of qualifications such as the core intellectual property, advanced technology, transformation of s&t achievements, industrialization prospects and financial index.

the certification of “national high-tech enterprise” aims to lead domestic companies to readjust the industrial structure and take the road of independent and continuous innovation, which also intends to stimulate the enthusiasm of enterprises’ independent innovation and improve their innovative ability.

ofilm keeps orienting to the research and development of products, which includes technological innovation into its overall design of the company’s development. ofilm is one of the few outstanding enterprises that possess its core intellectual property and core-competitiveness in mobile internet industry. the endowment of the title “national high-tech enterprise” is the embodiment of the actual strength of ofilm as a high and new technology enterprise, which has a positive effect for the improvement of our core-competitiveness and the long-term development. this can further consolidate our construction of the team of s&t innovation and research, maintain the leading position in the industrial technology, and improve the comprehensive competitiveness of the company. the title is the result of our change process in technological innovation from quantitative to qualitative, and as well, is the affirmation of our company’s growth potentials. it will spur everyone in ofilm, and stiffen our resolution in conducting independent r&d and technological innovation.

in the course of s&t innovation, ofilm has produced accomplishments every year, reaching higher levels step by step. the number of approved patents has been rising throughout its development, with one of the patents to be 16th national patent gold award. ofilm possesses core independent intellectual property, and has been developing upward and forward at the same time.

devotion is the key to achieve all successes. ofilm sticks to its orientation in r&d, keeps innovating and excelling, and brings forth the new through the old, which enables the company to develop, steadily and rapidly, into an esteemed high-tech enterprise in the world.

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