the deputy secretary of jiangxi provincial committee, liu qi proceeded to nanchang ofilm for survey
release time:2016-06-05

in 30 may, the deputy secretary of jiangxi provincial committee, liu qi, went to the economic development zone of nanchang city which is the attachment point of the provincial committee, to visit its enterprises, get detailed information about the production and operation of these enterprises, and listen to the advice and suggestions from them. ofilm received this survey as one of the representatives of the enterprises in economic development zone.

accompanied by the chairman, the party went to visit the exhibition hall of nanchang manufacturing base. liu qi had cordial conversation with the chairman and got detailed understanding of the production, operation, construction and development of the company, about which he urged the accompanying personnel to care, and to earnestly help to solve the problems and difficulties arising in their development.

liu qi appreciated ofilm’s development history in camera industry and its layout in automotive electronics after the explanation of chairman. in vr, which is a rising industry, ofilm still has its overall arrangement. on site, liu qi experienced the vr glasses prepared by the company. at last, he encouraged ofilm to turn pressure into motivation, to transform challenge into opportunity, to pinpoint the direction, to forge ahead with determination and to finally develop better and stronger.

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