the party and government delegation of heze city inspected ofilm
release time:2016-06-10

in 4 june, the secretary of heze municipal committee of shandong province and director of the standing committee of municipal people’s congress, sun aijun, led the party and government delegation of heze city to nanchang, jiangxi province to inspect the social and economic development of nanchang city. the delegation was accompanied by the jiangxi provincial standing committee and secretary of nanchang municipal committee, gong jianhua and the deputy secretary of nanchang municipal committee, ouyang haiquan, etc. ofilm received the inspection of the delegation as the representative enterprise.

accompanied by the chairman, the delegation visited the exhibition hall of nanchang manufacturing base and obtained detailed understanding of the development history, s&t innovation, technology advantages and development strategies of ofilm. it is in 2010 that ofilm was set up in economic development zone of nanchang city, which has formed the integrative industrial cluster focusing on tp, ccm and fingerprint identification, and has been actively developing the smart city and automotive electronics. to enhance our competitiveness, the company allotted more than 5 percent of the revenue to do research and development in each year. currently, its main products such as, tp and hd micro camera are holding a prominent position in relevant products all over the world.

after the delegation got in-depth knowledge of the industrial layout, s&t innovation and development vision of ofilm in camera industry and fingerprint identification, the members of the delegation subsequently expressed their appreciation for the innovative development of ofilm. they also encouraged ofilm to fully take advantage of science and technology, which is taken as the first productive force, and to promote the transformation of manufacturing into intellectual manufacturing.

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