jiangxi state-owned assets holding co., ltd visiting ofilm intelligence to explore ground patterns for intelligent transportation
release time:2016-06-30

in 21th june, zhou yinghua, the party lead by chairman of the state-owned assets holding co., ltd of jiangxi province and rao changping, its deputy general manager, visited the ofilm intelligence to jointly explore the ground patterns for intelligence transportation. cai zhenpeng, the principal of ofilm intelligence received the delegation.

accompanied by cai zhenpeng, the party visited the exhibition hall of ofilm. mr. cai introduced the development history, core products and technology, development strategies of intelligence industry and the vr industrial layout, focusing on the emergency management system, video integration capability platform and the development in intelligent education, intelligent traveling ad intelligent parking.

as a listed enterprise supported by the high-end manufacturing of mobile internet and intelligent terminal, ofilm has been focusing on the layout of car networking, wisdom city, intelligent furniture and visual reality in the wave of “internet ” since 2014, to get into the economical market of “internet ” by techniques and methods such as cloud, object, moving, grand, wisdom and beidou precision navigation, which are forging the core competition of ofilm intelligence and its commercial mode to realize the upgrading of company’s industry competence.

the party of zhou yinghua specifically learnt about the intelligent transportation project of ofilm intelligence. ofilm intelligence has mastered the advanced technology in parking and is in possession of the top-ranking talents and clear-cut strategic positioning by doing r&d in software and hardware products in intelligent parking independently, including ofilm intelligence parking lot cloud platform, city garage big data infrastructural service platform, integrated service platform for urban road parking operation, internet vehicle detector based on beidou precision navigation, intelligent charging pile and lpr machine, etc, hoping to contribute to the development of intelligent parking industry in jiangxi province. mr. zhou commented that, he hopes to expand the communication and cooperation with ofilm, to explore the ground patterns for intelligence transportation based on the influence of both parties, and to jointly construct the industrial ecosphere.

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