ofilm’s subordinate appears on cstpf carrying bran-new video surveillance solution
release time:2016-06-30

in 18th june, the 14th china cross-straits technology and projects fair (cstpf) was grandly held in sicec. cstpf of this year highlighted the elements of science and technology, exhibiting the content products and latest scientific research products related to “two abilities”, “made in china” and internet economy, promoting the joint of advanced science and technology with the enterprises and customers, and boosting the transformation of scientific and technological achievements into actual productivity, to realize win-win cooperation.

in this cstpf, fujian starlight zhilian technology co., ltd. (starlight zhilian for short), established jointly by the wholly-owned subsidiary of ofilm--temobi and fujian nebula big data service co., ltd. displayed such platforms and products application as mobile monitoring emergency measures of new generation, face identification, video training and vr to broaden the channels of communication and cooperation, popularizing the use of temobi’s video capability integrated solution in more government and enterprise units of fujian province, and providing the users with end-to-end solutions in medical treatment, traveling and educational training.

in the site of the cstpf, the video capability platform and vr interactive devices displayed by the starlight zhilian aroused high attention. liu jieming, the party secretary of sasac, zhong jun, the general manager of the starlight zhilian came to the exhibition booth in sequence, to inspect and experience the relevant products. they fully recognized the innovative achievements of starlight zhilian in convergence of video surveillance and expressed their hope in strengthening the cooperation between government and enterprises, popularizing the use of integrated solutions of video surveillance in more government and enterprise units of fujian province, to further promote the informatization capability of government and enterprises.

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