ofilm won the oppo quality prize of purchasing engineering screen group
release time:2017-01-05

recently, the good news has coming from ofilm suzhou park qa department. relying on the quality performance in the whole year of 2016, the ofilm suzhou park has won the oppo quality prize of purchasing engineering screen group. this time, ofilm won the prize from many oppo partners, so that indicates our company in such aspects as product quality performance and delivery are recognized by the height of the oppo.

in 2016, the quality assurance department of suzhou park through product management and technological process, continuously optimization and promotion, continuously improve product quality, full support and achieve the quality of the oppo requirements, became the only company won the award of suppliers.

for a long time, we adhere to the core values of "all for the customers" concept, strict controls of product quality, and determined to fulfill the quality commitment to customers. won the oppo excellence quality award, not only means the common effort of the ofilm people, but also further illustrate the reliability and stability of our products won the further recognition of the clients.

in the future, ofilm will adhere to the pursuit of excellence quality, provide perfect services, continuous improvement, let the customer 100% satisfied with the quality of the service concept, continue to offer our customers products of high reliability, high stability, and to further deepen cooperation with the customer in the related field, achieve win-win depth, as soon as possible in the world worth customers respect and trust of the high-tech enterprise's vision.

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