innovation, diligent and not being sluggish; ofilm convene the meet 2017 annual summary and management oath-taking rally
release time:2017-01-13

on the afternoon of january 10th, 2017, the ofilm “meet 2017 annual summary and management oath-taking rally” was convened in nanchang park, summarized the overall situation of the company in 2016, and discussed about the development of 2017. the meeting presided over by the secretary of the board and vice president xiao yansong, chairman of the board, the inspecting department manager luo yonghui, coo tan zhenlin, the magic factory department president meng kai, the touch panel department president and the marketing department vice president jiang hai, the ccm department president and guangzhou base principal huang lihui, the ccm department vice president zhao wei, the biometric identification president guan saixin, the display department president and marketing department vice president guo jian, and other function center principals attend the meeting and delivered a speech, the company's core management cadre of more than 400 people attending.

during the meeting, the chairman affirmed the work performance of each business department in 2016, and expressed his expectations of each business department. for the company of the past year, he said, it was not an easy year, but every business department made great process and developed in tortuous.

the touch panel industry development has always been a lot of twists and turns, the 2016 touch panel market was a bleak, but we have been standing and keep the world's no.1 shipments in the industry status, the development of the touch panel department has reached a basic strategic vision. what we have achieved of today in the touch panel field is relied on the whole team effort.

in order to get new breakthrough in the field of touch panel, the company set up the magic factory department, gathered all the core employees all together. at present, the magic factory department has already integrated the whole industry chain of film, coating, sensor, laminating, etc. and has built up the deep technical barriers. the development of 2016 was beyond the expectations of vision. in accordance with the current development momentum, by 2020 it can maintain the leading position in the industry.

the ccm business department had been through some tough days in 2016 due to it has not reached the management goal set by the beginning of this year, and the main reason is that in the domestic market started late for half a year. although it did not achieve the target, but have made progress in the field of high-end area, and built a team with complete ability to combat. we have the strength and confidence in 2020 to become the first in the world in the industry, and leading the industry technology development direction.

the biometric identification department had exceeded the shipment target that set at beginning of the year, sales and profits are exceeded around twice. but from development of this year, it can also be seen that the biometric identification department still have some problems, the next step is to consider the sustainability and leading position. in 2017, the smartphone industry will stop growing, the biometric identification department needs to focus on the technological innovation, build technical barriers and not to be an industry follower but become the industry leader.

in 2016, there are many problems in the company development. first, we invested 150% of the resources, but only received 80% of the benefit, the revenue of 2016 was doubled compared to the previous year, but not many profit growth. second, not many of cadres of the nanchang park get promoted, most of the cadres are sent from other places. third, the staff shortages and erosion problem has not been solved. the main reason that caused those problems is the extensive management, but it also pointed out the development direction for the 2017.

speak of the development idea of 2017, the chairman has repeatedly emphasized three points which are the punish corruption, prevent slack, and promote the fine management. the new year will take various measures to promote the three aspects of work, keep improving, turn cocoon into a butterfly.

corruption can be corrosion in the internal fortified castle imperceptibly, to punish the corruption is one of the key work of 2017, we want to eliminate the moth of the team and maintain the integrity of the team. the company anti-corruption is not an iron cap and anyone who have involved in the corruption shall be treated strictly in accordance with the law with zero tolerance and no show.

at present, the company is facing a big problem which is some people are lack of initiative, muddle along, became to cope with the work, even affected the atmosphere of the whole team.

management cadres must keep hunger and desire to do better, keep the heart of the fear of the company and customers. each business department should adjust its personnel strategy, filter out those irresponsible and low performance employees, and also be dare to recruit employees whose ability is higher than us. at the same time, all management cadres must sink to the front line, instead of doing the commander with the practical action to perfect every single work.

the previous management of the company is overly rough, we should promote the fine management. the year of 2017 is about fine management, ie, production management, warehouse, and purchase system flow should all be adjusted, to implement informatization offices. apart from the inspecting department, the ministry of audit and a few departments, other departments like procurement, finance, human resources, operations management, materials, etc. are all going to sink down to each business department, to build and perfect the ability of enterprise group. to comb and adjustment of the organization structure, focus on the specific, explicit, motivation and improvement of the company, therefore to improve the executive ability and core competitiveness. firmly promote the automation and intelligent in production, build technical innovation ability and advanced manufacturing capabilities. the development of the enterprise itself is taking social responsibility at the same time, through elaborating management in safety, environmental protection, energy saving, etc. to exercise the responsibility.

to motivate striver, the company continue to promote the employee stock ownership plan. in 2017, the employee stock ownership plan of the company will continue as planned, but the new stock incentive plan will be linked to performance, mainly based on personal contribution and future performance, not restricted by length of service.

company is currently established a technical innovation center in the united states, set up some r&d centers in japan, south korea and other places, through technical innovation to build and maintain industry leading technical barriers. in the coming new year, the company will have to focus on the technological innovation, and through technical innovation to carry out transformation and upgrading. we hope that each business module can make persistent efforts, the upper floor, become to the industry leader.

then, for the company's audit department general manager luo yonghui has summarized anti-corruption work. he says, since early 2014 the company began to practice strict anti-corruption, audit department has investigated and treated more than 10 corrupts, up to the senior director of ordinary buyer, involving business group, different departments such as purchase, quality assurance, engineering, but this is just the beginning, audit will continue to strict on unremitting. in the coming year, the auditing department should strictly in accordance with the requirements of the chairman, key audit corruption and lax.

start from the system and education, anticorrosive and prevent slack, at the same time also hope that good management lead by example, constraints, their own team.

group coo tan zhenlin stressed that participation in pledging conference for participants not honor, but a heavy responsibility, the cadre to accurately convey to the subordinate conference spirit, ensure the understanding and implementation.

in 2016, the company's performance than the previous year increased significantly, but profit growth is limited, so must carry on the organization adjustment, promote the fine management.

departments after sinking career group, group of blame will and career, spelling a performance not just the work of enterprise group, various departments to improve service consciousness, running at a high speed.

magic shop business group president meng wenkai is also briefly introduced the development of the magical works, this paper expounds the planning ideas of his own.

he said, as a 2016 years to set up business group, magic works faces many difficulties.

despite the hard conditions, but pay will have return, in cooperation with team members, the magic works to achieve the expected goal.

he stressed that 2017 will be the magic works gongjiannian, work will be focused on reducing staff turnover, complete production and expansion, to achieve industry-leading in 2018.

touch of market center, vice president and director of the sea river to touch the development of the enterprise group of 2016 a detailed interpretation.

he pointed out that in the face of a growing share of the traditional technology to reduce, a glut on the market, the product price decline in the complex situation, touch business group to resist pressure basic reached an annual plan.

touch the market in 2017 is still not optimistic, that is both challenge and opportunity for the company.

touch business group will continue to import the new customer and develop flexible touch, such as car market, further improve shipments.

image group president and director of guangzhou base li-hui huang said that in 2016, though not to complete the target, but the image of performance, and relying on excellent quality got the huawei quality prize.

despite the grim situation of the domestic economy in 2017, manufacturing development difficult, but because of the double cameras enable could usher in a new development opportunity.

company is the industry a few energy production double one of sc company, currently has the talent team, possess the technical strength, new year team will work together, to "become a global image industry in 2020 no. 1" target sounded the charge bugle.

image group vice president zhao the results did not meet expectations in 2016 are summarized, mainly depends on the client is not rich, loss of business group internal management.

in 2017, the industry growth and market capacity is large, the image group will copy the existing successful experience to develop new customers, vigorously promote the kpi assessment to improve work efficiency and further promote the fine management, and further promote the company research and development of new technology to the ground.

biometric enterprise group can be said to be a dark horse, overfulfilled the annual plan.

pass the new biometric group president described the working status of 2016 was "at the speed of sprint ran a marathon", in order to reach the finish and try my best.

in 2017, he said, will focus on face recognition and ultrasonic field, through the fine management to build the foundation, to deep roots to spread the roots at the same time, the team work together to make biometric enterprise group of great trees grow thickly.

show business group of president and vice president guo jian market center stressed that the enterprise group completed a profit in 2016, but failed to meet the target tasks, this gives team members a wake-up call.

in 2017 ushered in the nearly 10 years the best display field development opportunity, we want to seize the window period complete growth, further expand the open market, accelerate building core competitiveness at the same time, in the field of ultra narrow frame building technical barriers, try to catch up, be billions of business turnover within three years.

chairman of the conference in the end, thank you to all my colleagues in a year of hard work, in advance for everyone on the new year's blessing.

dare to dare to spell, chairman, said the company team in the industry won a good reputation, known as "strong executive company" and "innovation ability especially strong company", this is his fist down grade, we are proud and proud.

chairman stressed that is crucial to the year 2017, we must advance to punish corruption, prevent slack, fine management, improve the core competitiveness.

he called for all of colleagues one step a footprint, step by step, and work together to the next level.

in 2017 we ofilm people all work together, roll up our sleeves and go on!

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